— 20th Century Fox Television

It’s been a rough few years for television, but in the wake of the ), a prequel to the It films called Welcome to Derry, and multiple DC Universe shows.

Nostalgia has long been an effective tool for film, and it’s become a key to success on the small screen too. That this trend is circling back into the mainstream speaks to the unique issues facing the industry: tighter budgets and content oversaturation have forced studios to check whatever ambition they once had for original projects. “Known hits are safer bets in a world where consumers have endless choices,” Bloomberg reports. “You don’t need to spend as much money marketing when people are already familiar with a title.”

Existing franchises have been dominating for what feels like a lifetime, and television provides a unique opportunity to flesh out worlds in ways that films cannot. It’s always nice to see new material, but at least some of these titles could present genuinely exciting new horizons for existing properties, especially if they add diversity to old classics. Let’s hope Coogler’s X-Files reboot can kickstart a genuine revival — for better or worse, it could set the tone for this renewed interest in older, established franchises.

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