Updating your home doesn’t necessarily require a full-blown renovation. Small changes here and there can make a world of difference to upgrade a room both visually and practically. With that in mind, I’ve found a cheap fix for some of the most common mistakes you probably don’t realize make your home look dated.

From new cabinet hardware that’ll spruce up your kitchen to easy-to-use chalk-style paint to breathe new life into an old piece of furniture, these tried and true reviewer favorites are the perfect way to

Solution: These sleek pulls for an instant facelift

Give your kitchen a quick, easy, and cheap makeover by simply switching out old pulls that make the whole room look dated. These

Solution: These wireless puck lights that add ambient lighting

Create a cozy ambiance and elevate your kitchen by installing these

Solution: This peel & stick subway tile for a great DIY update

Don’t wait for a full renovation to give your kitchen a much-needed update — take the DIY route and replace an old backsplash with this timeless

Solution: These stylish solar-powered house numbers for a welcoming touch

Boost your home’s curb appeal and help guests find your place more easily with the addition of these

Solution: These textured throw pillow covers that offer a quick refresh

Cozy up your sofa with this set of

Solution: A high-pressure shower head for a spa-like bathroom upgrade

Add a spa-inspired feature to your bathroom in the form of this

Solution: A minimalist wall sconce for task lighting

Instead of turning on a blinding overhead light for every task, get this

Solution: This waffle-textured curtain that adds a stylish touch

If your shower curtain has seen better days, replace it with this stylish

Solution: A modern floating shelf to tidy your space

Declutter your home and keep surfaces clean by stashing small items in this modern

Solution: These storage bags that’ll make you feel like you hired an organizer

One of the best updates you can ever give your home is to declutter and organize rooms and closets. These

Solution: This cordless power scrubber to make dirty tile look new

Restore shine and sparkle to your bathroom tile with the help of this

Solution: A cleaner that restores a streak-free shine

Keep appliances shiny and smudge-free using this plant-based

Solution: These caddy shelves with a streamlined design

Maximize bathroom storage with a two-pack of these

Solution: A pumice stone cleaner with an easy-to-grip handle

Remove rust stains, hard water rings, and calcium deposits that make your toilet look extra dated using this

Solution: These 100% cotton dish cloths with a stylish waffle weave

If your dish-drying towels are looking worse for the wear, upgrade them with these

Solution: This bed sheet set that’s as elegant as it is comfy

Treat yourself to a new set of

Solution: These solar deck lights for gentle illumination

Add lighting to your outdoor space and create a warm ambiance with a set of these

Solution: A set of plush bath towels that are quick-drying

Ratty old towels can make your bathroom look dated, plus they may have lost their original absorbency — but these plush

Solution: These velvet hangers that maximize space & look chic

Get these

Solution: A bamboo mat that’s chic & durable

Replace a torn-up bath mat with this stylish

Solution: These sheer curtain panels that’ll lighten your space

An ancient set of curtains can make a space look outdated no matter what else is around. Enter, these sheer

Solution: These rug grippers that secure corners in place

Prevent rugs from shifting and stop corners from curling and looking messy by securing them in place with these

Solution: A furniture repair kit to hide scuff marks

Fill in small scuffs and scratches on wood pieces with this

Solution: A thin cover with a power strip to discreetly hide an outlet

Eliminate cords cluttering every surface with the help of this

Solution: A touch-up pen for a quick way to freshen wall paint

Quickly remove scuffs and scrapes and give wall paint a quick refresh with this

Solution: These felt furniture pads that protect flooring

Stick these

Solution: This fringed throw blanket that adds warmth & a decorative element

Place this

Solution: This streamlined set of frames for a modern gallery wall

While your family photos will never go out of style, chances are the frames could use a little refresh using this set of nine

Solution: A hole repair kit to easily patch up minor wall damage

Small holes in the wall can make a space look dated and neglected, but the fix may actually be much simpler (and cheaper) than you think. This

Solution: A light switch that doubles as a sleek night-light

Replace a regular switch with this

Solution: This picture-hanging kit to ensure level frames

Update your gallery wall and hang family photos and artwork properly using this

Solution: These LED stair lights that don’t require wiring

Illuminate a dark staircase and add a contemporary feature with these

Solution: These magnetic spice racks that maximize space

Keep everyday pantry staples on hand and maximize space in a small kitchen with the help of these

Solution: This chalk-style paint to breathe new life into an old piece

Don’t let an old piece of furniture date the whole room. Instead, use this

Solution: These stylish coasters that look nice while protecting furniture

Protect furniture from water rings and heat damage and add a stylish accent to your coffee table with a set of these

Solution: A cabinet rack to keep everything organized

Upgrade your kitchen cabinets with this

Solution: These airtight food storage containers

Give your pantry a polished look and help staples stay fresher for longer with these

Solution: A caddy that neatly holds cleaning products

Keep your kitchen sink neat and organize brushes, sponges, and dish soap in this

Solution: A scratch deterrent that protects furniture

Extend the life of your furniture and protect it from your feline household member’s claws using this

Solution: A charging dock to corral devices in one spot

Minimize tripping hazards and stop cables from cluttering every surface in your home by corraling devices in this USB charging dock. The sturdy station has six USB ports and adjustable dividers you can move around to accommodate phones and tablets. An LED indicator alerts you when a device is fully charged and the dock doubles as a night-light while you sleep.

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