A neighbor stepped into my kitchen recently and said, “This is why I’ve been hankering for color in my house!” (I’ll admit that I went full force with some red.) I did not point out that my lovely kitchen is a masterpiece of thrift more than of color — but cost-effectiveness is the element of its design that I’m most proud of. Some of it I repurposed or found thrifting, but much of it I got on Amazon and installed myself. And I’m now sharing that part of my secret: Here are

This set of four

Ready to up-level your kitchen? You need not undertake a full-blown cabinet replacement, because changing the cabinet hardware can have a dramatic effect on the aesthetics of a kitchen — and it’s so easy to do. This

Adding those aesthetic Edison bulb string lights to your yard or patio is easy with this pack of

Peel and stick these


When you want the light or air to pour in, these eight clever,

Instead of trying to paint on a flawlessly smooth chalkboard wall, apply this

For quick greenery that will pass most casual inspections, this 30-inch tall artificial


No one wants to look at a power strip and its inevitable snarl of wires and power bricks except the pets who want to chew it, and the children who might play with it. Tuck it all safely out of sight in this clean-looking

Put your most used spices, oil bottles, or condiments where you can reach for them easily by setting them in this

Choose a color — there are 15 to pick from — and adorn your bathroom with these fluffy, absorbent,

Get rid of the tiny dish soap bottles, bars of soap, and everything else that clutters up your sink area and replace it all with this elegant

You can completely change the look of your couch or bed by recovering your throw pillows with these

This handsome

This handy

Bring a bit of color to your workspace by setting this PU leather

When you are washing pans and need more space to let them air dry or if your kitchen is too small to forfeit counter space to a dish drying rack, this

Maybe you know how to make whipped cream with nothing more than cream, a bowl, and a whisk. But you will never do it again because you can just pour heavy cream, flavorings, and sweetener into this

This rechargeable

If you like your food with a crispy exterior and grill lines as if it just came off the BBQ, this pre-season

Not only does this

This tall,

Welcome to modern times, where going to the bathroom means taking an expensive phone out of a pocket so it doesn’t fall into the bowl — then discovering there’s nowhere dry to set it down. This

What two things does every desk or bedside table need? A light and a phone charger, right? And this lamp is both of those in an elegant package. The

Dress up your bedside table with this flashy

When you bake cookies, bring home a haul of candy, or even just have pretzels to store, these two

When you set your phone on this

Set this

Mount these big,

If you love your Keurig coffee maker but struggle to store the K-cups in a small kitchen, this

Bring order to your cabinets with this

Set this

Instead of painting, tiling, or wallpapering the wall behind your sink, peel-and-stick this realistic-looking

Turn your iPad into a control center for your smart home, a viewer for movies in your home gym, or for watching cooking shows in the kitchen with this

If you buy those giant whiskey bottles at Costco or have found an economical source of wine in a box, this

If you love the brew that comes from a French press, you will love this gorgeous

Set this pretty glass and chrome

Pull a handful of these

This clever sink caddy suctions to the inside of your sink to keep sponges and dish brushes where water and soap belong. There are lots of drain holes so everything stays dry and mildew-free, and the brush holder has a pop-out bottom to accommodate longer dish brushes. It looks stylish and reviewers love it, giving it close to 17,000 five-star ratings.

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