I’m a science fiction fan, and we’re living in the 21st century. I was always led to expect that by now there would be robots or androids available to handle all the stupid problems around the house, so we humans could focus on picking out space suits, mastering techno-babble, and learning to pilot our flying cars.

But here we are, still struggling with issues like mosquitoes in the bedroom, drafts underneath the door, rotting produce, and sock drawers in chaos. It’s all good, though. I don’t think I want to live in a universe where there is no shopping — and shopping is what makes it possible to solve all of those conflicts. So, after boldly going where no AI can, I found 45 solutions to different household issues — and they’re all on Amazon.

Nothing on this list is too expensive, but all of it is necessary if you want to prepare meals with ease, organize your closet, create a comfier WFH environment, and live a life free of mundane hassles and irritations. Trust me: You probably need these things — and once you get them, you’ll be wondering how you have been getting along without them until now.

1. This door draft stopper that also blocks bugs & sound

Put this draft stopper on the bottom of an exterior door to stop drafts, and you might be surprised at what else it stops. Bugs can’t get past it, water will go another direction, and even sound can’t get through. It’s great for keeping the ruckus from your noisy roommates on the other side of the door, too. The unit is easy to install, comes in several colors to match your decor, and is easy to remove. Just cut it to fit, pull off the backing, and stick it on.

2. An outdoor smart plug you can control with your voice

Got an outdoor lighting system, water fountain, or even Christmas decorations? Why is it always right after you get your slippers on that you realize you need to turn that stuff off? This smart plug makes it easy by letting you control it with your voice. It connects through Wi-Fi to your Amazon Echo or Google Home — and that means you can include it within routines and schedules or just shout at your AI to turn it off. You can also just use the settings within the plug to program it to come on at sunset (and turn off a few hours later).

3. These memory foam wrist rests that make computer work comfier

Resting your wrist for hours a day on a hard surface while you’re working can eventually result in a surprising amount of pain. Thankfully, this set of soft wrist rests is the prescription for that issue. They give your wrist a soft resting place while keyboarding or mousing, and they have a sticky backing so they stay put. These are also made of memory foam that adapts to your body shape. The package includes one for your keyboard and one for your mouse.

4. The door stopper that prevents wall damage from swinging handles

When a door flies open and slams into the wall, it can do visible damage. This is one case where prevention is also the cure. Stick one of these door stoppers right where the door handle did (or will) make an impact. It’ll cover any damage that’s there while preventing future door openings from making the same puncture. You can leave them as they are or paint them to match the wall — and they’ll stick on, so they’re super easy to install.

5. A splatter screen for your frying pans to keep grease off your counters

You’ll actually want to start frying foods on your stove top again thanks to this nifty splatter screen. It’s made from a stainless steel mesh that is super fine to trap and lock in grease splatter. The screen is 13 inches wide and will fit over top of most frying pans. And it’s dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning once you’ve finished cooking.

6. These long spatulas that get the last drops of product

When you get to the bottom of expensive lotion, makeup, or paint containers, what do you do? Give up on it? Turn it over and shake? Wish someone would invent better packaging? Nope — just purchase these. They’re tiny versions of the spatulas you use to get batter out of bowls in the kitchen. Just dip one into an almost empty bottle and pull out the last drops of that expensive product. There are three different sizes in this package to suit various containers.

7. This clip-on hook that holds your headphones on your desk ledge

How often do you have to hit pause and hunt down your headphones so you can watch that video or join a Zoom call without blasting everyone in the room? Not if your headphones are hanging, charged and with all their cords attached, from your desk. This hook clips right to the edge of your desk and gives your headphones a dedicated place to live. There’s an integrated cable management system, too. Installation is easy. Just snap it onto your desk.

8. A flexible gooseneck stand that holds your tablet in place

I use a tablet for recipes and cooking videos in the kitchen, but the screen is always too far away or at the wrong angle to glance at easily. This gooseneck stand is the perfect fix. I can clip it to anything and position the tablet exactly where I want it. It works great for watching movies in bed, taking Zoom calls, filming videos, or taking selfies hands-free. The flexible neck is 34 inches long, and it’ll hold both tablets and phones.

9. This wireless bedside charger for your everyday tech

This slick wireless charger organizes and charges your entire tech rig while you sleep. There’s a wireless charging stand for your phone that puts the screen at the perfect angle for glancing at in the night, alone with an arm that holds and charges your Apple watch. The stand even offers a space for your charging AirPods case — all from one outlet. If you carry Android gear, this stand should work as long as your gear is Qi-compatible.

10. The collapsible cutting board that’s also a colander

This cutting board and colander is a great time and space saver. Pop it open and wash the vegetables inside of it. Then open the drain, let the water out, scrunch it down, and cut those veggies right on the built-in cutting board. But it’s handy for so much more than that — whether you’re washing your delicates or swimsuit, giving a small dog a bath, or soaking dishes in soapy water in the sink. Oh, and You absolutely want to take it on car-camping trips.

11. This apple peeler that also spiralizes your fruit

If you’re staring at a pile of apples and wishing they’d peel themselves, you need this hefty magnesium apple peeler. Set it on the counter, suction it into place, mount the apple, and turn the crank. Then, your apples will practically peel themselves. The device also peels veggies — and when it isn’t peeling your produce, it’s also a spiralizer that’ll turn your vegetables into noodles.

12. A cooling pad that’ll give your laptop some airflow

Having your laptop overheat isn’t just uncomfortable for you — it’s also bad for your computer. There’s an easy fix, though: Just set your laptop on this cooling pad. It has a mesh surface that allows air circulation around the power supply, along with a fan to move that air around. There are also feet to elevate it to the right angle when it’s on a table, and it plugs right into a USB port.

13. This light that gets rid of bugs without toxic sprays

It always happens just as I’m about to fall asleep: The whine of a mosquito. It’s impossible to ignore, because I know I’ll be covered in bites by morning. But the last thing I want to do is get up and find it. This little light does that job for me, though. Just turn it on, and a UV bulb will attract bugs, pulling them into a trap that zaps them with a jolt of electricity. It works on fruit lies, gnats, and other flying insects — and it’s much better than spraying harsh chemicals that only repel bugs. Bonus: It’s quiet and charges via USB.

14. The anti-fog mirror you can take in the shower

In my opinion, shaving in the shower is a much better experience than shaving at the sink. But once you get into the steamy water, it might be difficult to see — even if you bring a mirror with you. Usually, mirrors fog right up — but not this one. Just fill it with hot water, stick it to the shower wall with the suction cup, and shave.

15. These kitchen shears that make meal prep a breeze

Cutting everything from chicken to herbs is so much easier with scissors (instead of kitchen knives). And this pair is solid, sharp, dishwasher safe, and made with stainless steel blades. If you already have a pair, why not add a second to your utensil drawer? You’ll find yourself using it to cut meat, flowers, packaging, and a million other things.

16. These tiny bumpers that silence noisy cabinets

These clear bumpers are designed to give cabinet doors and drawers a soft closure so you don’t have to listen to them banging every time you need something. They’re useful for a lot more than that, though. Put them on the back of pictures so they don’t hit the wall — or use them under glass tabletops, cutting boards, and anything else that could use a soft bumper. You’ll be glad there are 100 of them because they stick on well and are easy to remove.

17. This clear memo board that sticks right onto your monitor

Sometimes, you want to go old school and put a stick-on note where you won’t miss it. This bulletin board for your monitor is the perfect place to do that. It sticks right onto the side of your computer with a strip of adhesive — and it’s transparent, so you’ll hardly know it’s there. Stick that phone number or URL onto a piece of paper and then attach it to the board; you won’t forget them. They’re also great for mirrors.

18. A baseball cap holder that keeps them in good condition

Got an amazing ball cap collection? I’ll bet it’s probably scattered all over the house — because how do you store those things, anyway? Well, you can put them right here on this clever cap holder. Problem solved. Wrap it around a closet rod or coat hanger, and the stainless steel clips hanging from it will hold ten caps in a small space. They’ll work for other odd items that are hard to store, too — like scarves or bags.

19. This ergonomic monitor stand & organizer to help prevent clutter

If you set your monitor right on the desk, it’s usually too low (which could cause back and neck pain). Plus, it eats the whole desk. This set of monitor risers lifts your monitor up to a more ergonomic height while turning the space underneath it into handy storage nook. This is so much better than a pile of books, and it comes in four colors so you can match it to your desk.

20. A toiletry shelf with a built-in toothpaste dispenser

Organize all your bathroom products and get them off the counter with the help of this brilliant wall-mounted shelf. It installs easily with the included adhesive tape and provides a place for all your products. There are also hooks for razors and sponges, a phone shelf, and a towel bar. But the best part, in my opinion, is the built-in toothpaste dispenser with a clean spot underneath for toothbrushes. It even comes with three cups that fit perfectly on the covered shelf.

21. These vacuum-sealing storage bags that save space

These storage bags will clean up your closet within minutes and leave you with tons of space. They are huge — and once they’re full, you can use the included hand pump or your vacuum cleaner to suck out all the excess air to reduce how much space you need while storing them. They’re great for moving, making your closet bigger, or packing your own towels and linens along on a trip.

22. This mesh lumbar cushion that helps keep you cool & comfortable

Sitting in a bad chair? That can hurt after a while. This lumbar cushion is a great, inexpensive way to improve the ergonomics of a hard, uncomfortable seat — and since it’s not made with memory foam, it’s cooler than most. It’s actually made with mesh that lets airflow around you while you sit, and it works by encouraging you to sit up straight (which does wonders for alleviating back strain). It also looks slick in your chair or car.

23. The clear adhesive putty dots that hold anything in place

The cat knocks over the vase, there’s a picture you want to hang without marking the wall, and you want to stick a ring to the back of your phone — there are so many reasons you might want to stick something to something else that you’ll wonder how you got through life without these adhesive dots. They’re clear, half-inch diameter disks that are sticky on both sides. Stick one to the bottom of the vase, another to the back of that picture, and one to your phone case. You can remove them, but they’re also great for permanently keeping something where you want it.

24. This solution to all your odd lighting problems

Have you ever had a conundrum about how to add light to a spot in your house that just isn’t built for any kind of lighting? Problem solved with these battery powered puck lights that can be installed directly to walls and ceilings. Use the handheld remote to not only turn them on and off, but to also adjust the brightness level and even set a timer.

25. This band that keeps your sheets in place

If you’re tired of having your sheets come off the bed after a night of tossing and turning, this bed sheet holder band from Rubber Hugger is the perfect solution. It comes in multiple sizes to fit just about any mattress and easily slips over sheets to keep them snugly in place, no matter how you sleep.

26. This handheld steamer that gets rid of wrinkles instantly

You don’t have to show up for that meeting rumpled, nor do you have to spend your evening working over a hot iron. This clothing steamer does the job while your shirt hangs on its hanger. Just turn it on, wait a minute, and steam. It’ll emit a blast of hot vapor at your garment while eliminating the wrinkles quickly. You can keep one on your shelf or travel with it inside your suitcase. All you need is an outlet and some water.

27. A silicone spoon rest that prevents counter messes while cooking

The typical spoon rest lets you set only one utensil down where it rests in a pool of whatever it stirred. That’s simply inadequate if you ask me. I use more than one utensil when I’m cooking, and I often make more than one dish at a time. This spoon rest can handle all of that while holding each utensil above whatever sauce or ingredient is dripping off of it. It’s so much better than grabbing a new spoon to taste, stir, or scrape — and it goes right in the dishwasher for cleanup.

28. A large rustic, metal bread box that is giving farmhouse vibes

If the thought of your bread being in a plastic bag just doesn’t sit right with you, get this rustic bread container to store it in. This bin is large enough it can hold two full loaves of bread and still have room left to spare. And thanks to its airtight lid, it’s perfect for keeping all your favorite baked goods fresher for longer.

29. This drain snake set that handles sink clogs

This clog remover kit will help take care of whatever’s happening in your drain. If there’s a shallow hair buildup, use the plastic snake. It’ll help you grab onto hair — or whatever’s in there — and then pull it back out. If that doesn’t get the clog, the 24-inch stainless steel cleaner probably will. It’ll go deep into the drain — and when it hits an obstruction, it’ll clamp down on it so you can pull it above the surface. I’m sure this kit will save you a fortune in plumbers.

30. The adjustable measuring cup that speeds up baking

Instead of fumbling on a ring of measuring spoons for the right amount, dial this adjustable measuring spoon to the amount you need. It’s just one spoon that’s easy to use and it can save space in your tiny kitchen (as well as time when you’re trying to get those cookies baked). Just change the measure you need with your thumb, and you’ll be good to go. It isn’t recommended for use with liquids, though.

31. This frame so you can wash your baseball cap

Can you wash a baseball hat? If you wear caps, you’ve probably wondered this (or tried and were disappointed by the result). This frame makes it simple to clean hats, though. Simply snap your cap into the cage and toss it in the dishwasher. Yes, dishwasher. When it’s dry, you can store your hats right in the frame so they won’t get ruined in closets or drawers.

32. The meat tenderizer that helps make a delicious steak

This kitchen tool is the secret to tasty, tender steak (and other meats). This meat hammer has two different sides to its head – a smooth one for pounding and a textured one for tenderizing. It has a no-slip grip on the handle so you’ll always be able to hold it tightly with ease. There is also a nonstick coating on the hammer so your meat won’t end up stuck to it after using it.

33. These colorful & reusable Swedish dishcloths

Swapping out commonly used household items for more eco-friendly options isn’t as time consuming or expensive as you might imagine. Take these Swedish dishcloths, for example. They’re far more durable than paper towels to begin with, but toss them in the washer when they need cleaned and then they’re ready to use again. The textured surface makes them useful for scrubbing, too.

34. The furniture feet that help prevent floor damage

When you pull chairs away from the table, do they make a loud noise and scratch the floor? I mean, those built-in felt pads never work for too long. These furniture foot covers are the solution. They’re made of soft silicone and slide over the legs of chairs and tables like little socks. When your furniture is wearing these, you can move it silently (and without destroying the floors).

35. A fabric organizer for your favorite chair

You know all those things that mysteriously go missing (like the remote, your reading glasses, pens, etc.)?The main problem is that you’ve got nowhere to organize them. However, this armrest organizer is the perfect place. It goes right over the arm of your chair and has a non-slip back, so it stays put. Drop everything into its pockets. There are four that are perfect for remotes or glasses and one that’s big enough for a tablet or small laptop. Everything will always be where you can find it.

36. A memory foam footrest you can also take a nap with

Put this foot rest under your desk to fix a working setup that’s not comfortable or ergonomic. It’ll raise your feet to help alleviate strain on your lower back, and it’ll feel great since it’s made with high-rebound memory foam. And when you want to take a nap, carry it by its handle and bring it along. It’ll make a great between-the-knees pillow or leg riser. This cushion is versatile.

37. These blue light-blocking glasses for hours of staring at screens

Blue light is similar to daylight, and it also happens to be exactly the color that all of your screens emit. So if you look at a screen all day and well into the night, you might have trouble sleeping. The fix? Get your style on by donning these blue light-blocking glasses that filter the light out. They come in a three-pack with various frame colors you can choose from.

38. This portable shade that blocks the sun where you want it to

Just when you want to sit in the yard or deck, the sun is at an angle that either blinds or burns you. This sunshade is an easy and inexpensive solution to that. Clip it to the deck, a tree, or the house with all four corner clips — and it’ll create shade right where you need it. It can also handle a windy day, and it’s easy to unclip so you can take it down before extreme weather. This is a small price for being able to work, read, or sip your coffee comfortably outside.

39. These charcoal bags that help remove unwanted odors

Put these bamboo charcoal bags into your shoes to absorb unwanted odors, and keep one in the car to absorb extra moisture in the air. The charcoal in these bags helps neutralize odors, and there are 12 of them in this package. That way, you can hang one anywhere you want. When they’re tapped out, put them in the sun to refresh them — and then, they’ll go right back to work.

40. The drawer organizer made specifically for socks & delicates

When it comes to finding socks in the morning, you need two (preferably that match). When that’s a hassle, you’ll start the day frustrated. Take a minute and put each pair of socks in its own cubby in your sock drawer using this sock organizer. Forever after, you’ll start the day on a positive note — and with matching socks. This two-pack of sock and underwear organizers holds a total of 48 small garments in perfect order.

41. This soap pouch that you can use as a loofah

You know those little unusable pieces of soap and that loofah that’s growing mildew? Well, this pouch solves all of that. Put your soap inside of it and use the bag to wash. The surface will gently exfoliate your skin while the soap of your choice does the cleaning. When the bar of soap gets small, just leave it in there and use it up. You can hang this bag from the hook and let the soap dry inside of it.

42. This drain cover that turns any bath into a soaking tub

If you’re trying to take a relaxing bath, there’s nothing worse than having your tub start to drain automatically. This overflow bath drain cover blocks your bathtub’s automatic overflow, so you can add several extra inches of water to your bathtub. It sticks to your tub with suction cups and comes in four different colors to suit any aesthetic.

43. A garage rack system you can store your tools in

Mount this garage rack to the wall and snap the bins into place, and you’ll have a brilliant storage system for tools, screws, parts, or anything you reach for often (and can never find). When you need all of the contents inside a bin, unsnap it and bring it out while you work.

44. The fridge drawer liners that help produce last longer

Are you losing the race against rotting vegetables? It might not be entirely your fault; it could also be your fridge. If it’s too moist in your crisper drawer, certain veggies won’t last very long at all. These veggie preservation mats are designed to improve the environment within your fridge by absorbing moisture and giving your produce a soft spot to land so they don’t get bruised in there. Reviewers have written that they can extend the life of vegetables by “weeks.”

45. These vertical zig-zag hangers that save closet space

Can’t find anything in your closet? Bring order to the chaos by organizing your pants onto a few hangers (instead of folding them into a giant pile). Each of these zig-zag hangers can hold five pairs of pants; arrange your jeans on one and your slacks on another. You get four in a pack, which is plenty to put your pants in order and increase the capacity of your closet. Your pants will be neat and unwrinkled, and you’ll be able to find the ones you are looking for.

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