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With endless ways to spend your money online, how can you be sure which are the purchases you’ll actually use, and which will just end up in a drawer? Well, with the help of this list, for starters. It’s packed with

Sneaker-heads rejoice, because this

No matter your beverage preferences, this

The uses for these

Get the most for your money with products that pull double duty, like this

Help ensure your chores actually get done with this

Give your workstation a cohesive look with this

You’ll be reaching for this

Add a little extra organization even in tiny places with this

If your smartphone is the center of your digital universe, you’ll want to properly display it with this

Why suffer through cold coffee ever again when you can just use this

No matter how many cups of coffee you need to ease into your morning, this

Keep your kitchen tidy and mess free with this

If your workspace or nightstand has been consumed by all your various chargers, sort them out with these

End the tyranny of the stuck pickle jar once and for all with this

Ensure you know exactly what each cord leads to with these

You’ll be using this

Not only can this

Banish questionable loose batteries for good with this extra-large

Feed your furry friend — without all the spills — by using this

If you’re guilty of using your car’s back seat as a trash can, you may as well upgrade to this actual

This set of

A great way to cut down on cupboard clutter, these

Banish tracked litter for good with this

Quit fumbling for spices at the back of your cabinet with the help of this lazy Susan-style

Level up all your home repair projects with this

Reduce the stress your pet feels during bath time or grooming with these unique

Don’t let smudges get the best of your devices and eyeglasses, because these

Some containers have narrow necks and deep wells that make them a challenge to clean, but this

Snag these

If you want extra bathroom storage that’s sleek and modern, look no further than these


You don’t have to spend tons for good cookware, and this

Help cut back on wrist strain with this pair of

Load your laundry into this

Sharp knives can be tricky to clean, but this


This compact

Up the wow factor at cocktail hour with these

Falling asleep in wired headphones or earbuds can be uncomfortable, but this

Snag this electronic word clock that uses LED bulbs to illuminate the time in words — ideal for those who preferred English class to math in high school (or anyone who just appreciates a quirky piece of decor). The backlight shines through the perforated letters, updating the time in five-minute intervals. Choose from colors like copper, silver, and black.

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