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You might be living under the erroneous assumption that upgrading your home will upend your life, leaving you in chaos and dust for months while gutting your bank account. The reality is that there are many things you can change that make a huge impact and take only a few minutes and a few dollars — whether it’s sorting out a storage problem so you can find a battery when you need one or figuring out how to clean and fix things that seem out of reach. These 50 dope home upgrades that are so cheap on Amazon will transform your space with little time, money, or effort.

This Clever Trick For Reusing Bacon Grease

There is no need to get out a ladder to change that lightbulb that’s way out of reach. Just screw this

Keep this



Transform your TV viewing experience for less than $20 by mounting this

Cover and protect the outdoor box you use to store patio gear and protect it from all the harsh weather with this

How do bonsai artists create those amazing little trees? It all starts with a seed and some knowledge. This

If you have ever shopped for steak knives, you may have been startled by the high prices. But you can relax. This

Perfect to stock up on, these

No one will suspect that you were bargain hunting when you scored these

Wondering how to clean that water bottle, baby bottle, or wine bottle you want to repurpose? The answer lies in this five-pack of

When your cookies, bread, or muffins come out of the oven, they have to cool. And if air doesn’t flow all the way around them, they turn soggy. When you roast a piece of meat, it cooks better if the heat gets to all of it, too. This

Turn any milk and coffee combination you can dream up into frothy deliciousness with this

When it comes to looking your best on camera, lighting is everything. This

Shucking oysters is nearly impossible — not to mention, dangerous — without the right tools. However, this

Skip the line at the cafe and whip up your own liquid energy with this

Fit in a workout wherever you are with this set of

Whether you use it to bring a balance challenge to your workout or do more stretching, this

Of all the ways to make popcorn out there — from putting oil in a pan to popping a premixed bag into the microwave — this

Keep all your cereals and grains safe, dry, and bug-free in these

Get your holiday ornaments organized so that the post-festivity cleanup is super easy this year with this

Track your travels with this

How will you serve breakfast in bed or enjoy a small plated meal at the coffee table if you don’t have a good

Want to boost the brightness in your garage or shop without replacing the fixtures? Replace the bulbs with these

Hang these

Create an accent wall or transform a piece of furniture quickly and easily with this

Turn a bare bulb into an industrial, steampunk, or farmhouse look with these

Replacing the

This inexpensive pair of rechargeable

Don’t let your poor plants fall prey to your absent-minded watering failures. Plant them in these

This dimmable

Plug this

Hang a mirror over your dresser or bathroom vanity and transform that space with little effort or money. This

Add a cute lamp and some smart home features to any room with this

Turn your clutter into art by mounting these

Give guests a safe place to set a cocktail by dropping this set of six

Whether you load it with fresh or dried flowers, this

Drape this

Don’t toss your tired throw pillows; instead, zip this pair of

Warm the room by dropping this shag area rug over your cold flooring. An antislip bottom keeps it in place, while the lush microfiber tufts feel incredible underfoot. It’s easy to clean, too. It vacuums easily and goes into the washing machine. Choose from five sizes and six colors.

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