Maybe your kitchen and bathroom are begging for a remodel, but you don’t have a ton of cash to spend on upgrades. Don’t worry: Small improvements don’t have to cost a fortune. My approach is starting with the little things because they can make a big difference. For example, before I change the cabinets, I change the handles — and before I replace the flooring, I put down throw rugs.

It’s possible to make these kinds of changes without spending hundreds of dollars, especially with these

Good lighting is the instant upgrade that keeps giving because it makes any room look more spectacular. But it comes at a cost. That’s why this two-pack of LED wireless

Having to re-adjust your area rugs after they shift and slide gets old quickly. These

This pre-seasoned

There’s a better way to stop your chairs from scraping the floor than the irritating adhesive felt pads you’ve probably been using. These

That pile of cables and cords under your desk or behind the TV is probably visible, but you can make it less so by wrangling it all into this


Home maintenance can feel daunting, but this

Fridge shelves are incredibly cumbersome to clean, but what if you didn’t have to pull them all the way out or strain yourself to clean those spills in the back? These

If your fridge is made with stainless steel, these double-sided

If retrieving that one cookie sheet from your cupboard fills you with trepidation at whatever else might come spilling out, turn to these

Complete with ergonomic, nonslip handles and stylish rose gold accents, this

For a bathroom upgrade that brings peace of mind, opt for this extra-long

Care for your yard with a minimal investment using this


Mix up cookie dough in the soup pot no longer! This set of six stainless steel

Even if you don’t demand that everyone who enters take their shoes off, you can offer a way for them to easily get their dirty boots clean first. Set this

You can easily pull out these

If your hardwood floors have a few scratches, you don’t have to clear all the furniture and move out for days to have them refinished. You can fix those — and all the marks on furniture and cabinets — quickly with

It can be hard to keep that area underneath the sink tidy since so few organizational items fit in those narrow dimensions. Enter this

Bumps, shakes, and quakes happen in life, but you can protect your valuable items from falling off shelves and tables with this

How much of your desk is devoted to a cluttered collection of charging cables? This

If you have a deep mattress or your favorite sheets are starting to lose elasticity in the corners, these

When you lie down to sleep, the fabric of your pillowcase rubs against your hair and skin for hours. The texture can either tug your strands or help keep them smooth, depending on the fabric. These


You’ll be surprised at how much more organized your utility closet or outdoor shed will feel when you mount this

Take the simple and easy road to excellent under-cabinet lighting and stop worrying about wiring and construction by mounting these

If your fridge needs a refresh, you can easily eliminate unwanted odors with these


Step out of the bath or shower onto this


When an affectionate pet deposits a patch of fur on your pants or leaves a bed of it on the couch, just wipe it up with one of these

Plug this

Keep dust and dirt from making their way onto pristine floors by utilizing this

If you have painted surfaces around your home that could use a bit of a touch up, these

Unlike traditional lint rollers which have you constantly throwing out and replacing sticky sheets, this

If you have an ample canned goods collection, you will love this

Put away the butter, grease, or cooking spray, because those cookies or pastries will never stick to these

There’s nothing as frustrating as wasting countless minutes sifting through a mess of bottles to find the one you need. This

Not only does this

The reusable

Get a messy cutlery drawer under control with this highly rated

Whether you’re cooking or baking, this set of

Not only does this TV backlight strip create an ambient glow, but it can also improve contrast on the screen and reduce eye strain when you’re watching television. The LED strip has adhesive backing for easy installation and plugs right into your device’s USB port. There are five sizes available, and you can also use the strip on computer monitors or under cabinets and in closets.

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