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There are things you buy that you use once every so often — a power drill, ice cream maker, or set of champagne glasses, for example — and then there are the standby items that are on regular rotation. I’ve rounded up a bunch of

When you step out of the shower, you’ll want to land on this

If you find yourself tossing out your produce before you have a chance to use it, try these

Plug these

Thanks to the unique, swiveling design, these

Available in dozens of eye-catching hues and patterns, this

Nothing clutters up a drawer like a pile of loose cables. These

With this

Never get stuck with a dead smartwatch again. This portable

If you find traditional phone case wallets to be too bulky, you might just love this slim option that adheres right to the back of your smartphone. The

Not a fan of drinking plain water? Then this

These sturdy

Designed with multiple compartments and exterior pouches, this


Sleek and sophisticated, this

If you’ve got a dog or a cat who loves to get their meal all over your floor, you’ll probably love this

Caffeine enthusiasts will get a ton of use out of this

There’s no need for a drill when installing this

Running out of storage space in your closet? Not a problem when you have these


Believe it or not, adding voice activation to any appliance doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. The

No more struggling to open up that stubborn jar or twist-top bottle. This

Ultra-lightweight and thin, these

There’s no need to wait around for that bottle of water to get cold in the fridge when you have these

Available in black, white, and primary colors, this

Don’t let garbage accumulate on the floor of your car — instead, toss it inside of this

With enough room for your dish soap, hand soap, and sponge, this

Creating a budget can be overwhelming, but this

Iced tea, lemonade, milk — this

Once you’ve tried this

Sophisticated yet functional, this stainless steel

Not only is this

Rather than mix and match your kitchen utensils, invest in this set of

If you’re tight on closet space, try setting up this

Baking sheets, pans, cutting boards — these

From crumbs to paper scraps, this

Thanks to the rollers at the top of these

A visit from the plumber is rarely ever cheap, so why not keep your pipes clog-free with help from this

The slanted design of this

Whereas regular twist ties will gradually wear out, these

Relieving your lower back pain may be as simple as using this

Let’s be real: We should all probably be cleaning our smartphone screens more. This

Typing on a tablet screen is rarely ever efficient — instead, use this

Instead of storing belts and bags on your closet shelves, why not place them on these hangers to open up some space? A gentle spin is all they need in order to bring items hanging on the back hooks around to the front — and with a weight limit of up to five pounds, there’s no need to worry about how they’ll fare when loaded up with heavier items.

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