Ready to give your house some love? Or maybe you’re happy with the furniture, but what about the little things? Those things that bring real comfort, charm, personality, and organization to your space. Luckily, there are so many hidden gems that can transform your home. From heating vent attachments that direct the air away from you to a charging station for all of your technology, these 50 things for your home are trending on Amazon because they are sick as hell.

This Hack For Your TV That Will Blow Your Mind


With a cotton cover and a filling composed of half hollow fiber and half gel fiber microfiber, these


Protect your countertop from slime formed by drippy soap and moist sponges with this

Clean up unwanted pet hair with this

This handy little gadget is the last



Protect yourself from those nasty arm burns that happen when you put something into the oven or take it out again! These silicone

Withstanding heat up to 480°F, these

These elegant

Replace your old-school

Don’t let your water bottles roll around in the cupboard — get this stackable

Make it easy for delivery people to find your home by hanging this lighted

Turn that otherwise useless space over the back of your stove into a handy place to set spices, oils, and essential cooking tools by sticking this

Put a permanent end to that messy pile of lids to all your thermal coffee tumblers and water bottles with this

Your limp hair and ailing skin might have nothing to do with the soaps you use or your diet. It could be the water that falls on you during every shower. This

Ready to upgrade your life? Install this

Make that dangerous flight of slippery stairs safe again with this transparent

Keep all your wires, power strips, and power bricks orderly and off the floor by putting them in this

Why is the signal always weak right in the place you most need it to be reliable? Not to fret. Simply plug in this

Turn one outlet into a powerhouse with this

This super-strong

Always find the right lid for your Tupperware using this

Say goodbye to clogged tub drains with this innovative

Keep your countertop pristine with this versatile and

Add a pop of color to the interior of your fridge to make staring in there hunting for snacks more enjoyable. These

Mount a roll of paper towels anywhere you have a metal surface, the fridge, microwave, tool chest, the BBQ, with this

Get rid of the chaos that comes with having a complete daily tech rig by giving it all a place to call home and recharge. This

These sleek black velvet

Say goodbye to unruly box pile-ups and keep your kitchen organized with this versatile pantry

The silicone stripes on these big

Organize all the beer and soda in your fridge so you aren’t constantly moving cans around or running out of cold ones. This

Your battery collection called from the junk drawer and it wants this

Reduce your energy bills with this

Elevate your coffee experience with this

Clean up the pantry and make prepping recipes so much easier by moving your dry goods into these

Stay organized with this adhesive

Replace your paper towels and your kitchen sponge with these


When you are cleaning up after your latest cooking adventure, you will be so pleased with yourself that you thought to set a

Whip up a batch of iced tea, lemonade, or juice in this

Maximize your kitchen storage with this slim chopping board set. It’s designed for narrow spaces and mounts easily using adhesive tape. The set includes two double-sided chopping boards with non-slip feet and textured, knife-friendly surfaces. Store them on the back of your cupboard door for convenient access. These boards come in two sizes and are a space-saving solution for any kitchen. Installation is a breeze with included instructions.

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