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I ask you, where’s the fun in buying a toilet plunger? Or cleaning out your car? Being an adult can be boring — there are so many tedious chores to do and essential products to buy just to keep life chugging along. That’s why weird products are my favorite. They’re unique, standing out from the crowd and making the everyday doldrums of life a little more fun. So I’ve compiled a list of 50 weird-as-hell products on Amazon that (I think) are so damn clever.

From a cactus-shaped toilet plunger to a playfully slimy car cleaner, the useful things on this list make life a little more interesting. Scroll through and see what weird — and delightfully functional — products you can find.

This clever (fake) vegetable can for hiding your valuables

Whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef, these


This two-in-one

Brighten your home with these LED

Toss and turn all you like, these heavy-duty

Clean hard-to-reach places with ease using this handy

Slice with speed and safety using this ingenious

Breakfast on the go doesn’t have to be in bar form. This


This adorable

Devilishly clever and cute, this

These innovative

Tired of struggling to fish pickles or olives out of jars? This clever

Shield yourself and your kitchen from sizzling oil with this

Don’t pull a muscle straining to reach a fallen charger cable — keep it in place and tidy with this

If you’ve ever undergone the harrowing experience of replacing the jug in a classic water cooler, you’ll appreciate this

Keep your sunglasses secure and accessible with this


Whether it’s groceries, paint cans, sports gear, or dry cleaning, this nifty



This compact and powerful

Say goodbye to car clutter with this heavy-duty, soft-sided

Upgrade your car’s interior with these

Drive with confidence using this universal

Crack open a cold one without breaking a nail? It’s easy with these

Transform any space into a convenient styling station with this heat-resistant

Pulling hair out of shower drains is a gag-inducing chore, but you can prevent that nightmare with this


This two-in-one

We’ve come a long way from reading comics under the covers with a flashlight. This


For a compact and durable solution that helps develop healthy phone usage habits, check out this

Elevate your video calls, selfies, and content creation with this wireless

Spread some joy in the kitchen with the Splatypus, a delightful

Upgrade your baking game with this pack of four versatile

Stay hydrated and reach your health goals with this

This pack of super-absorbent

Elevate your daily beverages with this

Unlike traditional brushes that pull and tear through knots, the unique cone-shaped plastic bristles of

Struggling to get the “fur” off your furniture? This innovative

Seal out the elements and unwanted noise with this

This grill grate cleaner is an essential addition to your grilling set. Crafted with specially designed grooves, it effectively cleans round or V-shaped BBQ, smoker, or oven grates. This versatile tool is safe for use on indoor or outdoor grills and even flat-top griddles. Its long leather handle provides a secure grip while keeping your hands away from the heat. Get rid of your messy steel wool and bristled brushes; this scraper will outlast them all.

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