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From tidying up your garage to adding elegant lighting outdoors, there’s so much you can do to improve your home without breaking the bank. Ranging from the unusual to the ingenious, you’ll be surprised by these weird, cheap things that are getting insanely popular because they make your home so much better. Whether you’re desperate to find new organizational solutions or are looking for a way to add some functional decor, this list has you covered with items that nail the brief while remaining well within budget.

A toilet bowl cleaner made of natural pumice stone


Create an inviting atmosphere by complementing every backyard event with this

It’s easy and inexpensive to transform your garden into a magical place with these

Squeeze every little drop from those pricey products using this weird but ingenious

Sip from this


Keep your drinks stable and at the ideal temperature while you watch your favorite shows with this weird yet useful

Not only does this clever

Instead of draining your tofu by piling on heavy dishes for an extended time, use this

It’s easy to make your indoor or outdoor surroundings that much more welcoming by using this versatile



With over 4,000 ratings and 4.6 stars, this

With this

If you’re not blessed with a backyard, don’t fret. This

Relax outside at all times of the day or night when you set up this

Cut perfect, even slices for five-star sandwiches using this

Have precise control in the kitchen with this

When it comes to enchilada fillings or pulled pork sandwiches, put down the usual pair of forks and pick up this

Get your sponge off the countertop with this clever

Pop cloves, peeled or unpeeled, into this

Make your outdoor area feel that much more captivating with these

Lend some helpful low-profile illumination along pathways by installing these

Turn walls, desks, or tables into writable surfaces using this removable

Make the most of every cycle with this

Enjoy fresh air breezing through the house on a gorgeous day without dealing with invading dirt or insects when you mount this


Instead of chaotic drawers stuffed with torn boxes and sharp edges, opt for this

This popular

These ingenious reusable

Add a bit of hilarity to the every day with this

This giant

Display your prickly pear and your snake plant within this appropriately shaped

It’s well-known that bats play a crucial role in an ecosystem so why not encourage them to thrive by mounting this

This strange-seeming

Keep all your devices in one convenient location with this


Quickly prep those onions, zucchini, or carrots with this

This charming

Never feel frustrated again by large, bulky plugs, because this clever

Feel genuinely comfortable logging hours from the sofa with the help of this

Instead of taking up every available outlet to charge your devices, use this

These pint glasses are made with a cooling gel that allows your beer to stay cold even in sweltering conditions. Place them in the freezer for only two hours to get them chilled and able to maintain the perfect temperature of your brew. A silicone grip around the center of each glass keeps your hands comfortable as you sip away.

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