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Could your kitchen use a couple of updates? Is your closet bursting at the seams? Or are you tired of bathroom cleaners that don’t get the job done? Lucky for you, this list of

Use this cheap but highly effective

Add a whimsical accent to your bathroom vanity in the form of this cute

Instead of straining your wrist while trying to open a jar of pickles, mount this genius

Get to the bottom of the jar and spread all the deliciousness on a piece of toast using this one clever kitchen tool: a

Organize your laundry room with the help of this

Add this cute

Clean your grill, smoker, and oven using this

Place this portable and lightweight

If your desk lacks storage space, instead of investing in a new one, spend less than $20 and get this

Eliminate funky odors using this

Instead of turning on a blinding overhead light in the middle of the night, illuminate your bathroom with the soft glow of this

Trade a perpetually damp hand towel for this

Anyone who finds themselves reheating their morning coffee or tea multiple times before noon needs this

For the ultimate way to get cozy, get this

This little

Forgo the traditional gallery wall and display your favorite memories using these battery-powered

Nothing clutters a surface like bulky, tangled cords, which is why these

Make your fast food favorite at home and save a ton of money in the long run with this

Not only does this


Display your favorite records on this

Brighten up your bathroom with this whimsical

Place this beautiful

If you’re sick and tired of the fitted sheet coming unraveled every night, get these

Cut down on single-use plastic baggies and save leftovers with the help of these


Whiten soles and sneakers instantly using this clever

Spend less than $15 on this

Retrieve dropped items using this powerful grip

Carry grocery bags with ease thanks to this Shark Tank-featured

Install this adorable

Get every last drop of soap and shampoo using this clever

Place this

Hang this

Dispose of grease in a mess-free way using this genius

For anyone trying to find more sustainable alternatives to everyday products, get these

Instead of a bulky plastic rack that takes up excessive space, opt for this

Read late into the night without disturbing anyone around you thanks to this

If you’re moving out of your home and have a gazillion small holes to patch up, get this cheap but highly popular

Prevent the bathroom floor from getting wet using this clear

For a better viewing experience without splashing out on a brand-new TV, attach this LED backlight strip to the back of the screen. It creates greater contrast and makes colors more vibrant while helping reduce eye strain. The attached in-line controls allow you to adjust brightness, and in addition to the back of the TV, you can also use this clever light strip in a closet, under cabinetry, or on a computer monitor.

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