A silicone fish that helps you separate eggs, a pair of pizza scissors, and a stone bath mat that absorbs water in seconds all sound like a joke but anything is possible on Amazon. There are plenty of other

Thanks to their adjustable sliders and slim design, these

This colorful cube is both a

To keep your counter free of stains and mess, set up this

With this

The size of a tumbler, this

This six-pack of

Using the 12

This viral



Just a light press on any of the eight


You’ll be able to prepare all your ingredients at once with this

With a bendable neck and a wide, scratch-free head, this

If you’re passionate about beauty, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of snail secretion. This

To avoid making a mess when watering your plants and to make sure you’re wetting plants at their roots and not on their leaves, grab this three-pack of

Most people know the importance of cleaning out their dryer’s lint trap after every load, but what about all the stuff that gets stuck deeper inside the machine? This

You’ll be able to scrub every nook and cranny of your house with this pack of accessories. The set includes six

With a built-in spout, this

These soft

Paying for a professional microdermabasion session can cost a pretty penny — instead, try using this

Thanks to its flexible webbed design, this

When trying to grow a new plant from a cutting, these

By lifting your screen 6 inches, this

Providing 35 lumens of a warm white glow, this three-pack of

Despite its small size, this

Thanks to its interior magnet, this

Create extra storage space out of thin air without using any screws with this

At 16 inches long, you’ll be able to fit a great amount of metal tools (whether they belong in the kitchen or the garage) on this stainless steel

Although these


You don’t have to give up any floor space with this

Whether you slip it around your wrist, hang it from your belt, or keep it on a nearby appliance, this

With a mushroom shape and perforated center cylinder, stray hairs will wrap around this

Despite being half the size of traditional colanders, this

At just 4 inches long, this

After clamping on these

No matter if your broom and mop have loops at the end or not, you’ll be able to store them on this

Pop this

To avoid waste and enjoy the ease of a hands-free application, stick this

No one will know that this beanie is actually a

To avoid washing your hands over and over to get rid of the smell of garlic, use this garlic crusher. It will also make it a lot easier to mince shallots and it can also be used for nuts, ginger, peppers, and more.

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