Finding quality products at a reasonable price can be a challenge. Not only do you need to know where to look, but you also have to be able to figure out whether the product you’re looking at is a fantastic find or not. Luckily, I’ve already done all the work for you — and I’ve even put all my findings into the convenient list you’ll find below.

From genius kitchen tools to soothing shampoo brushes, I’ve made sure to include a little something for everybody. And since each item is $25 or less, don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to add more than a few things to your cart — I know I did.

A Portable Lightning Cable That Attaches to Your Bag

Tired of your fitted sheet riding up over your mattress? These

Put this

Add this

With a compact footprint that takes up hardly any space, this

With thousands of positive reviews, it’s clear that this

Pineapple may be a delicious snack, but slicing it up can be a bit of a pain — unless you have this

Using a regular hair brush on tangled hair can be painful, so why not give this

Using regular cloths to clean stainless steel can leave it looking cloudy — so grab these

Not only are these

Air poppers can take up a ton of space inside your cabinets, so why not downsize to this

Don’t let guests leave garbage inside your car — have them toss it into this

Underwear, belts, socks — these

Can’t figure out what to make for dinner? Try giving these

From mosquitos to horse flies, this


Retrieving the small items that have fallen between your car seats can be tricky, so why not stop them from falling in the first place with these

Pop this

Don’t let your pricy handbag sit on that dirty car floor — instead, hang it up on one of these

Leaving a flat or curling iron out on your counter can leave it with scorch marks — but that’s where this

Whether you’re measuring liquids or solids, this

If you’re growing tired of drinking the same cup of coffee every morning, try whipping some milk up into a delicious froth using this

Unlike some

Whereas regular strainers can take up a ton of space inside your cabinets, this


Cotton swabs, flosser picks, and more — these

Don’t let your phone die while you’re hard at work — just plug it into this

Save yourself some elbow grease and use this

Running out of space for office supplies on your desk? Not a problem — just attach these

Brown sugar can harden into a rock if stored inside a container that isn’t airtight — so grab these

You don’t have to like waffles to get some use out of this

Since the shelves on this

Not only can this

Adding honey to your food using a spoon can be messy — instead, use this

Not only is this

Whether you’re reading or tackling a DIY project, this

Looking for ways to blow off steam at work? Search no further than this

If you’re having trouble itching that awkward spot in the middle of your back, consider giving this

If the skin around your eyes or cheeks is feeling irritated, this

With six different spray settings to choose from, this

Dull knives can create so much extra work for you in the kitchen — but that’s why this

Consider this

You’ve got options when it comes to this label maker. Not only does it come pre-loaded with more than 1,000 symbols, but you also get more than 60 frames, as well as a variety of fonts. Plus, its Bluetooth connection makes it easy to use with your phone, while a rechargeable battery eliminates the need to buy replacements.

The Garlic Chopper That Helps Your Hands Stay Clean

Chopping garlic by hand can be a stinky, sticky mess, which is why I’d rather use this chopper instead. Simply add your peeled clove, then give the chopper a roll — it’ll quickly mince the clove into tiny pieces. And unlike some choppers, this one dissembles for easy cleaning.

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