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If your Amazon cart is rarely full of home goods other than the occasional hand soap refill, you have to take a peek at this list of clever finds to instantly elevate your space. They’re all practical and functional around the house, but they’ll also make your home look super impressive (with barely any effort). Best of all, these 60 home finds are all so freaking cheap that you’ll want to start redoing your home ASAP.

These touch-up pens that keep house paint fresh


This pet

If you’re grossed out by bugs, this easy-to-use insect

This sturdy metal floating



There’s honestly no way to make flimsy boxes of plastic wrap and tin foil look tidy, so swap the boxes for this super organized bamboo


These reusable

This pink

These aesthetic bamboo

If you have a habit of wiping stray hairs on the shower wall, pop this 3M adhesive stick-on

This bamboo

Clipping this colorful


These stackable fridge

A soothing

With their low-profile design, you’ll barely notice these

This high-speed charging

These reusable silicone

These space-saving shoe


This battery-powered UV

This pet fur

This stainless steel

Stick these corner-shaped rug

A wall-mounted

This sneaky book

Tackling that kitchen cabinet full of pots and pans is easy if you grab this five-level

All you need to confidently clean your own dryer vent is this surprisingly budget-friendly




This non-slip and scratch-resistant produce

These spring-loaded expandable


You’ll save dishes with this

Whether you use it to deliver breakfast in bed, turn an ottoman into a coffee table, or to protect other furniture pieces, this


This waterproof digital


This shower hose

This handy little fork is specifically to get pickles, olives, or other pickled snacks out of the brine in the jar while also keeping your fingers clean. It has its own holder that stretches to fit around any jar — even if you grab the larger jar of pickles at the grocery store. This fork holder also prevents the brine and juice from dripping in the fridge.

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