It’s hard to believe how many totally life-changing things are available on Amazon with just one click. Whether you want to streamline your daily routines, make cleaning a breeze, or pick up a new, better-for-you habit, there’s something on the e-tailer that will make your life just a little bit better. Best of all? These clever products will make a positive impact for under $25.

These self-watering globes for 5 days of irrigation

It’s called Wet & Forget for a reason — just use the attached sprayer to apply this

Get all your cables and wires organized with these

Save some money and get a little more environmentally friendly when you swap out your detergent with these

Get your week — and your mind — in order and start writing things down in this

Soothe dry throats, eyes, cold symptoms, and more when you put this

Mark up textbooks, notebooks, or your favorite reads with these transparent

Yes, this

Thanks to the Bluetooth speakers by the ears, you can use this as a

These silicone cord

With this


This silicone

There’s a reason this

There’s a reason these

Replace your parchment paper and tin foil with these nonstick silicone

This undated

If your car is a mess, this


You’ll never believe how much dust accumulates between your window blinds, so make cleaning them easier than ever with this handheld

Get smoother, softer feet for a budget-friendly price in just two weeks with these

Get your pantry, closet, or the cluttered black hole under your kitchen sink into shape by organizing all your stuff in these


If you have to use your phone’s flashlight to get your key in the door when you get home at night, you’re going to lose your mind at this game-changing solution: a

Say goodbye to expensive, single-use paper towels and hello to these money-saving and ultra absorbent


Your lips will thank you when you start using this delicious

Not only can you use this


Get the veggie pasta of your dreams at home with this easy-to-use


If eggs are your breakfast go-to, your life is about to get way easier when you make them in this

Say goodbye to clogged drains or not knowing how to throw oil in the garbage and check out this clever

If you’re looking for great shampoo that also helps lower your single-use plastic consumption, you’re going to love this

Are you a frequent fidgeter who needs a some extra stimulation to stay focused? Check out this


This 2.4-gallon

Packed with more than 30 essential oils (like rosemary) and infused with biotin, this hair



Change the way you organize your makeup and brushes for the better when you keep everything stored in this


If your kitchen towels are constantly falling onto the floor, don’t fret, these

Ditch the dusters and paper towels and put on these

If you haven’t gotten on the reusable straw train yet, now’s the time to check out these silicone straws. They’re reusable, dishwasher-safe, food-grade, and work with hot or cold drinks. Plus their unique, slightly bent ends offer a more ergonomic angle to sip your drinks.

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