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Whether you’re buying clothes or groceries, it feels like everything has gone up in price. That’s why I always try to focus my spending on clever products — you know, the items that I’ll get a ton of use out of. But if you don’t have time to scour the internet for these types of products? Not a problem, as I’ve compiled all the best, most useful ones into this convenient list.

From sturdy outlet shelves to rotary cheese graters, I’ve made sure to include a variety of items that you’re sure to find yourself reaching for on a daily basis. And since saving money is always a good thing, you’ll also find that each product costs $30 or less and is available on Amazon Prime.

These microfiber splash guards help keep your sink clean

Not only can this

Let this

Coats, umbrellas, bags — with a weight limit of up to 25 pounds, you shouldn’t have any trouble hanging all sorts of items on these

There’s no need to take each garment off this

Don’t have enough space for a set of thick cutting boards? Then these

Not only are these

When was the last time you washed your trashcan lid? Not a problem when you have this

With a weight limit of up to 220 pounds, this

There’s no need to hold your tablet up when you have this

Wiping spills off your fridge shelves can be a real pain — unless you put these

Simply press it down into your bowl, and the head on this

Whereas full-size food processors can take up an entire cabinet, this

Not only can you use these

Don’t have a ton of counter space to work with? Not a problem when you have this

Plenty of

There’s no need for any complicated wiring when installing these

If your glass doors look dirty after each shower, consider using this

If water from your shower is always leaking onto your bathroom floor, consider swapping out the door seal with this

Curled rugs are a recipe for trips and falls, which is only part of the reason why these

Made from soft, breathable cotton, this

Forget to put on your sunglasses before getting in the car? Not a problem when you have this

Don’t put your bag down on that dirty car floor — instead, hang it up on one of these

Since these

There’s very little chance that these

Instead of yanking away at those knotted strands, use this

Instead of busting out a giant can of paint and brush, use this

Not only is this

Whether your drawer is large or small, there’s a good chance this

Whereas some

Don’t have a ton of room in your bathroom? This

If your toilet brush isn’t strong enough to get rid of those water rings, consider giving this

Lay down this

Instead of cluttering up your closet shelves with purses, why not save some space and keep them inside this

Almost every kitchen has that one cabinet filled with loose grocery bags, so why not keep them inside this

Stop wasting money on parchment paper and baking sprays — instead, grab these reusable

Pop this

Overdressing your pans when adding oil is almost too easy, which is where this

Some appliances don’t come with attached cord wraps — luckily, these

Not only will this

Step off that hard shower floor and onto this soft

Still using a crummy plastic shower curtain? Then take this as a sign it’s time to upgrade to

Plug your lamp into this

Since these highly rated

Whereas some gardening gloves can leave your skin feeling too warm, these ones are made from bamboo fibers that are just as soft as they are breathable. The grippy palms help you keep a firm handle when digging into dense earth — all while their pull-on closure ensures a secure, snug fit.

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