One of the many tricks to saving money is to buy stuff that looks expensive but isn’t expensive. With a little persistence and some shopping savviness, you can easily find everything from plush bed sheets to stylish hammock chairs at shockingly low prices. But if you don’t have time to scour the internet for deals? Not a problem, as I’ve put together this list of cool things that seem expensive, but are really cheap AF — and you can find them all right on Amazon. So what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling to see more.

This hammock chair with a built-in pocket on the side

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for sleek kitchen lights — just grab this

Instead of wasting time trimming plants by hand, why not save yourself some stress and use this

Always misplacing your keys? Add this

While scrubbing with your fingers does an alright job at cleaning your scalp, the silicone bristles on this

Simply press your sponge down into the top of this

Don’t bust out a ladder the next time you need to clean your fan blades — just grab this

You don’t have to risk undercooking that steak — just check its internal temperature using this


Yanking away at knotted strands can be incredibly painful, so why not use this

Accidentally leaving your screen door open is an easy way to wind up with bugs inside your home — that’s why this

Using your phone while driving can be dangerous — instead, pop it into this

`Don’t have time for a pedicure? Not a problem when you have this

Curled rugs can be a tripping hazard — that’s where these

If your garage is looking a little cluttered, consider taking a look at these

Closet overflowing with shoes? Consider stashing all the seasonal ones inside these

Every home has that one corner that’s turned into a jumbled mess of cables and wires, so why not grab these

From deep red to soothing blue, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding this

When your regular toilet scrubber isn’t tough enough to get rid of those water rings, it may be time to break out this

With its soft memory foam filling that contours to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulders, don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for this


Salad greens, veggies, nuts — this

Not only is this

Keeping sunglasses inside your center console is an easy way to wind up with scratched lenses — instead, store them inside this

Don’t have a ton of counter space to work with? Not a problem when you have this

There’s no need for any complicated wiring when installing these

Pop one of these

If you find your legs often falling asleep in bed, consider propping them up on this

The hydrocolloid dressing within each of these

If your shoes need a refresh, give them a few spritzes with this


With a low profile that allows it to fit inside some drawers, this

Looking for a set of quality

While paper towels can be convenient, they’re also incredibly wasteful — that’s why I’m a big fan of these

Whereas lint rollers rely on wasteful sticky sheets, this

If you’re hesitant when it comes to drilling into your walls, consider opting for this

Tablets, books, wine glasses, candles — this

Whereas some

Since these

Not only are these


It’s time to save yourself some money by upgrading to these


Air poppers can take up a ton of space inside your cabinets — instead, opt for this

I’m the type of person who likes to overpack, which is why I’m a big fan of these packing cubes. Not only do they help you fit even more stuff inside your suitcase, but they’re also great for keeping it organized. The zippered mesh tops let you see what’s inside each cube so that you know where everything is stored — and each order even includes a wet bag for dirty clothes.

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