The world is full of clever, problem-solving gear that is so cool you will wish you knew about it sooner. Some of it is so slick, in fact, that you will wish you invented it. It’s too late to be the inventor but it’s not too late to save yourself time, effort, and regret by dropping these 65 things under $25 on Amazon that’ll impress the hell out of you into your cart and, thereby, improve your life.

This Dog That Holds Your Tasting Spoon

Every kitchen needs tongs, spatulas, and whisks and this silicone


Bring a little commode comfort with you on your next camping or road trip. Load this

If trimming your beard requires too much cleanup time after the fact, strap on this

Bring back your favorite fried chicken or steak recipe — the one you stopped making because cleaning the stove afterward was too much trouble. This time, though, set this

If you think that fixing the lighting in your kitchen, bathroom, or closet will require the expensive services of an electrician, you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to put terrific lighting wherever you want it with these

Does it hurt to brush your hair due to tangles? Are your locks broken and frizzy? Switch to this

Eliminate one irritant from your life for good by setting your phone on this

Opening a bottle of wine does not need to be a struggle or the domain of the few who have mastered the art. This


You don’t have to risk wearing ketchup to your meeting in order to have a snack on the way there. This set of two

Pack a hot meal wherever you go so you aren’t stuck eating what’s available out in the world. This

The next time you roast a pork butt, don’t fight it with two feeble forks when shredding it. Use these

The next time you take on a big puzzle, start with this

When it’s time for a video call, you want to shut out the ambient noise and listen to some tunes, or you need to listen to something without disturbing the people around you, don’t waste time looking for your headphones. Hang them on this

Make your loose teas as easy to brew as tea bags — and skip the cost and waste of buying tea in bags — with this


Want to set your tablet or e-book down on a table or your desk so you can see the screen without holding it? This

Whether you need a way to wrap up cords, stick a pen to the fridge, or wrap up your wild hair, these

When you open your fridge door is it like looking into the gaping maws of the demon of primordial chaos? Or is it colorful and calming? The difference could be in the simple application of these

No road trip is complete without some takeout fries riding shotgun. And this

When you are deep into a thriller and need to know what happens next and your bedmate reasonably requests lights out, pull out your trusty and rechargeable

Upgrade your dishwashing tools by switching to these

Make your life easier and your foods less fatty by using these



Don’t let flies and other flying insects ruin your picnic. When you set the food out, immediately set these

When you park your car in the hot sun, deploy this

Give your hands a break from the manual can opener by setting this

Making cocktails is much easier if you have all the right tools and this seven-piece

Managing passwords is a modern headache that has no easy solution. If you are tired of getting locked out of your gear, use this

Sipping a delicious, foamy coffee drink does not require that you stand in line in a cafe and drop a pile of folding money first. Whip up your own at home with this

Most pizza cutters are awkward to use because the handle is offset, which means you don’t get enough leverage to cut through the crunchy crust. This

Yes, she is angry. And you know why? The microwave is dirty again. And she is the only one who ever cleans it. But that’s because this

Once you set this

Air frying is trendy for one excellent reason: It cooks dinner fast. These

Tuck this

If you could work out anywhere and anytime, you would probably do it more, right? These

When all you have is your phone and you want to answer an email or get some work done, pull out this

Carrying a phone and keys when running — or wearing clothes without pockets for any reason — is a challenge. But this running belt solves that problem. Snap the stretchy belt on and it keeps your gear snug against your body and readily accessible. It has a big pocket for a phone and a smaller one for credit cards and other sundries. It comes in six colors.

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