Coming across bizarre products while browsing the internet might provoke immediate dismissal. However, you’ll be surprised by just how oddly life-changing some of these items are — and I’ve rounded up the weirdest things under $35 on Amazon that are

There’s no need to invest in a costly smoker when you have this well-reviewed

Live your life freely with no fear of losing your wallet thanks to this weird but super practical

If reaching for a toilet paper square or sheet of paper towel from an extremely long-necked dinosaur doesn’t add a bit of joy to your day, I’m not sure what will. Made of cast iron with a gold finish, this

Make your trek out into the middle of nowhere that much more enjoyable by toting along this portable

Depending on how many supplies and items you like to take en route, this popular waterproof

Grab that briny item with ease when you attach this budget-friendly

If you’re looking for an easier and more efficient way to prep your vegetables, look no further than this versatile

For a mere $28, you can greatly upgrade your daily routine by adding this easy-to-install

Save yourself money on one-time-use plastic bags and reduce unnecessary trash by opting for these

Pop these inventive

Enjoy delicious and refreshing melon sliced to perfection thanks to this under-the-radar

With over 192,000 reviews, people clearly opt for this affordable

Make your getaways that much more organized and enjoyable by using these

This admittedly weird

Keep your pup’s gaze effortlessly aimed at your phone’s camera lens with this

Don’t let a pesky shower get in the way of that latest episode’s crucial plot twist. This

You don’t need to burn through your savings to refresh your bathroom. Case in point: This

Make those midnight visits to the bathroom both safe and delightful with this

This ingenious little

If you have dry, cracked heels, these strange but ingenious

For small desktop messes such as hair, lint, or Cheeto dust, this affordable

To deal effectively with those lingering odors from past pet mishaps, you first need a tool that can suss out their exact location. This

Having earned a 4.6-star overall rating, these

Join the throngs of devotees who know just what an unusual gem this

To sweep your floor by simply walking around the house, all you need is a pair of these

Made of soft and flexible silicone material, this ingeniously designed

Well-reviewed with over 126,000 ratings, these

Once you try out this

This clever

Instead of squishing an eight-legged friend, use this

You never have to play the “Is it done?” guessing game again, because this highly rated

If scuffs and scratches have ruined the look of your treasured wood furniture, simply turn to this

The minute the weather improves and you want to feel those delicate breezes wafting through your home, grab this under-$30

This alien-like

It couldn’t be easier to install these

These delightfully titled

Keep your potted plants feeling cared for and in good health with these brilliant

For the small investment of $27, this

Keep your driving essentials tidy and easily accessible when you use this

Preserve the freshness of delicious leftovers or beautiful produce with these

If you feel like those hardened heels will never be remedied, you need this effective callus remover that’ll get the job done. Made with a gel formula, simply soak and dry your feet, then apply the remover for five to 10 minutes. Rinse off and then utilize your pumice stone to slough away that hardened, dead skin to reveal supremely soft heels underneath.

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