Michael Myers, the fictional knife-wielding maniac from Haddonfield first appeared in 1978’s Halloween, a film directed by John Carpenter on a shoestring budget. This week he made his tenth appearance in a Halloween film. There have been eleven Halloween films in total, but fans have generally agreed to ignore Halloween III: Season of the Witch, the only film in the franchise to try and scare up a plot without ol’ Michael. 2018’s Halloween reboot erases every movie from canon but one: the original.

That means if you’re headed to theaters this weekend to see the newest iteration of Halloween, it’s cool if you’ve only ever seen the original. You won’t need any information from subsequent films if you’re just a casual observer. However, horror nuts and cinephiles might find it exciting to review Michael Myers’ curious development over eleven films and four timelines. That’s what we’re slicing apart here.

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