These days, a true testament as to whether something is worth buying (or not) is if it’s constantly selling out online. This likely means that the item is not only popular, but also extremely clever — potentially even offering solutions to problems you never thought could be solved. These ridiculously brilliant items, including everything from a lamp that doubles as charging station to Wi-Fi extenders, will make your home much better, so it’s no wonder that Amazon keeps selling out of them. To get your hands on 40 of most clever items, keep reading and strike while the iron is hot before they sell out… again.

These silicone baking mats that are reusable

Rather than waste tons of aluminum foil or parchment paper each time you use your oven, try these

If you cringe each time you open your kitchen or sock drawers, it’s time you organize them using these bamboo

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night to find that your fitted sheet has gone rogue. To help keep it in place all night long, use these

The only thing that can make taking a bath even more luxurious is this bamboo

Whether you’re washing the dishes or trying to get more use out of your standing desk, this

Hang decorations, towels, and more without causing damage to your walls (or having to bust out your toolkit) by using these transparent

From keeping your pantry organized to displaying baked goods — or making sure everyone at the table can reach for their appetizers without having to say, “Pass the wings,” — this

What better way to unwind after a long day than cuddling up on your couch with this

When it comes to making pancakes or cupcakes, the hardest part can be pouring the right amount of batter so that they’re all equal in size (and therefore cook-time). This handy

The right lighting — in the form of this USB-powered

This USB-powered


Small spaces mean you have to get creative when it comes to furniture, and this

Whether you don’t have space for a coffee table or just can’t be asked to reach over to grab your drink or snack, this bamboo

You may think the solution to a saggy sofa is simply to buy a new one, but thanks to this

To help ensure that your clothes dry fully, pop in these

There are some delicate clothing items that just can’t be put in the dryer. Instead of making your mattress a wet-laundry zone, you can lay items on this

With its sleek, modern base and beautiful woven lamp shade, this

With so many devices relying on Wi-Fi, it’s essential to have a strong, stable connection throughout your home. This

Carry this

Loading dirty dishes into a dishwasher full of clean ones is the sort of domestic irritation that will quickly ruin your mood. You need a system! This

To prevent anyone from tracking mud, sand, snow, or any outdoor detritus all over the floors of your interior, make it easy for people to remove their shoes and contain that mess. This

When you grab a hot beverage and sit down to work, how often has it gone cold by the time you remember to sip it? This

If candles, sprays, plug-ins, and other methods of creating pleasing interior scents are too much trouble — or get the scent wrong — this

Want to know the temperature and humidity inside your fridge, pet habitat, greenhouse, or home — even when you aren’t nearby? This

If it seems like everyone who uses your kitchen, bathroom, and storage areas makes a lot of noise, attach these

If your bed makes noise every time you roll over, sit up, or get a little athletic, it makes it very hard to relax. This

A poorly-lighted entryway is a huge hassle if you find yourself out there desperately trying to fit a key into a lock you can’t see. This

You can have a speaker, or an

Use this cute

Ramp up the edgy modern style of your office or game room with this

Keep your workspace tidy and always know where your headphones are by clamping this

Protect your living space from prying eyes without blocking out light or changing the look of the room with curtains by attaching this

If your shower curtain constantly blows up and touches you when you try to shower, these

Warm your living space and give it a fireplace vibe at the same time with this

Turn your coffee pods into a countertop display so that choosing a brew is easy and fun by storing them in this

Add a spice shelf, paper towel dispensers, and a storage spot for all sorts of kitchen gear in a snap with this

Sweep scraps right off the counter and into the trash by mounting this

Want to keep an eye on the pet when you aren’t home? Need to get some work done while the baby sleeps? Leave this

There’s no need to stumble around when you get up in the night. Mount these peel-and-stick motion sensor lights under your bed or dresser and they will light up when they sense you moving, illuminating the floor so you can see where you are going. The tape-like strips are dimmable so you can choose the light level you need and they shut off automatically.

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