Not everything that goes viral is worth your hard-earned cash, but these

Made with a comfortable and easy-to-use lanyard cord lock, this

Whether you’re using hot glue on a picture frame or pouring hot liquids, these

For your next backyard barbecue or dinner party, make it easy for guests to serve themselves by putting out this

You won’t even feel this

Secure this crab-shaped

With results in as little as three minutes, this

To eat on the go, you need these

Give yourself a designated area to keep all your small necessities with this two-pack of

Made of diamond ripstop polyester, this

Whether you’re on a boat or want to take your favorite beverage into the shower, use this

To create your own shredded meat sandwiches, you’ll want these

When it’s time to give yourself a trim, slip on this

Place this four-pack of





Whether you choose to use the lid with the pour spout or the one with a built-in silicone straw, this

The unique shape of this

Waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, this

Not only will hanging up this

Reach for these

With mesh cutouts on the top, these

One end of these

With a 5-cup capacity, this


With this

You’ll have more than enough to work with when wrapping this USB-powered

You’ll feel like a professional barista using this

By raising your screen over five inches, this

The cellulose and cotton blend that makes up these

Coming in a ton of different fun colors and patterns, this

Replace worn out kitchen tools and have the right implement for every job with this budget-friendly nine-piece

This lightweight

Able to hold up to 15 cups, you’ll have enough popcorn for a crowd when you use this

To cut down on clutter and keep things from rolling around your car, place your tools, groceries, and more in the three compartments of this

To reduce waste when drinking from larger tumblers, make sure you have these bent

This versatile 13-inch

Whether for use inside your home or to transport snacks to a picnic, this

Thanks to its compact size, this

You won’t have to buy paper filters when using this

This completely waterproof solar lantern provides up to 10 hours of bright light and acts as a power bank thanks to its USB port. And to make it easier to hike with, it collapses down to the size of a hockey puck and can be hung by its built-in handle.

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