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Sometimes you have to think outside the box to come up with a


This USB-C rechargeable


Drain pasta (like ravioli), beans, vegetables and more with this compact

This three-tier

Simply let one of these

Instead lifting a heavy jug each time you want some juice or milk, pop in this

Don’t worry about going out of town for more than a few days — this pack of four

Able to jump off of any nightstand up to 3 feet tall, this


Perfect for anyone who loves to host or anyone who simply loves to snack, these

You’ll save a ton of money and even storage space when you bring these

Made of soft and lightweight fabric, this

Once you bring home this

By scrubbing both sides at once, this

To precisely fill a cupcake tin or make perfect pancakes without dripping on your counters, reach for this

Have some fun while cooking with this


Say goodbye to oils and cooking sprays and hello to this

Able to extend from 14 to 19 inches, this



When expanded, this


Whether for yourself or a friend, this

When plain water starts getting boring, pull out this


The legs of this spider-shaped



This heat-, cold-, and water-resistant

To keep everything from your loafers to your sneakers looking like they’ve never been worn, all you need is this

Instead of reaching for a plastic bag or plastic wrap, save your fruits, vegetables, and sauces for later using these

While this

Thanks to their flexible material, these

If your desk could use more storage, add it in just seconds with this

These TSA-friendly three-ounce

From the potting soil to the seeds, this

Made with vacuum-insulated stainless steel walls, this 12-ounce

This is not your ordinary charcuterie board; it’s made of durable bamboo, has side slots to keep your presentation neat, and a hidden drawer that’s equipped with a full set of cheese knives. The board itself will also resist odors, scratches, and stains. It has earned an impressive 4.8-star overall rating, and is also available in the listing with additional drawers for extra space.

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