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Often the thing that turns a house into a home isn’t an investment piece but a simple, cool, and cheap decor accent. Or maybe it’s whimsical takes on ordinary tools that make your space more functional. Or maybe it’s a storage hack for a more organized space. But no matter what those things are, they’re certainly clever and cheap. If you don’t believe these kinds of things can improve your home, keep scrolling for 55 weird, cheap, and clever things for your home that are selling out on Amazon.

A BPA-free pickle jar with a built-in strainer cup

Stop losing track of whether your dishwasher contents are dirty or clean when you have this super clever

Add some fun to your desk and store your memos and sticky notes in this adorable donkey-shaped

Great for anyone short on valuable counter space, this

This plush


This is the unique, fun, and whimsical

Make sure you get every last drop out of your lotion, dish soap, hand soap, shampoo — you name it — when you have this bottle

Whether you’re prone to cooking mishaps and need more protection or you just want to elevate your accessory game in the kitchen, this double

This foot

Using the included screws or adhesive tape, secure this

If you have a pet, you won’t be shocked to learn there’s a ton of hair and fur imbedded into your favorite carpets (and lingering on your other surfaces). This

People are obsessed with this Dracula-shaped

If you’re short on closet space, these vertical

This egg

Adorable meets functional in this super soft silicone

Say goodbye to ordinary colanders that are bulky and difficult to use, and hello to this silicone

This detergent

Keep your toilet spic and span without getting your hands dirty with these clever and convenient

These mini



Whether you’re looking to save money or be more environmentally friendly, replacing single-use dryer sheets with these reusable

Switch out your ordinary stem vase with this adorable

This waterproof

It’s clear why this

Clean your grout, tiles, countertops, and other hard-to-reach spots with these super durable

Whether you’re looking to protect your plants from bugs or get rid of the gnats around your bananas, check out these super handy

Great for tinned fish, beans, or veggies, this

These best-selling magnetic

Add a little fun to your tea making routine with this

This wooden


Add a quirky touch to your living room with these wooden

This set of three nonstick

Why settle for a boring, ugly


This olive oil and vinegar

The thing about this silicone


With thousands of fans, this best-selling

This self-grooming

This four-slot

Though it may look a little odd with its bowtie shape, this

Get rid of the dozens of measuring tools cluttering up your utensil drawer and replace all of them with this one clever cube. It features over 19 different measurements — tablespoons, teaspoons, cups, milliliters, and more. It’s a great space saving tool to remove common kitchen clutter, and it’s dishwasher-safe for an easy clean.

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