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Baldur’s Gate 3 is an utterly massive game that can span well over 100 hours, with branching plotlines, dozens of sidequests, and plenty of secrets. While the first two acts are big enough on their own, Act 3 is almost like an entire game in and of itself. As the party finally arrives in the city of Baldur’s Gate, you’re flooded with quests, new NPCs, a new companion, hidden loot, various shops, and much more.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a handy checklist of all the sidequests and activities you can do in Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3. Do keep in mind, however, that this may not be an exhaustive list currently, as players are still discovering new details.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 3 Main Quest List

Act 3 is where all the choices across Baldur’s Gate 3 come together. Because of that, this stage can differ quite a bit based on decisions you’ve made and characters you did or didn’t save. Still, the main quest will largely revolve around dealing with Enver Gortash and Orin, however you want to go about that. Here’s a list of the main quests in Act 3 (but, again, keep in mind these change based on your choices).

  • Get Gortash’s Netherstone
  • Consider Gortash’s Bargain
  • Disable the Steel Watch
  • Get Orin’s Netherstone
  • Rescue Orin’s Victim
  • Impress the Murder Tribunal
  • Investigate the Murders
  • Gather Your Allies
  • Deal with the Devil (This is technically a sidequest, but it can heavily impact the main story). You can start it by talking to Mamzell Amira or Korilla in Sharess’ Caress.
  • Free Orpheus
  • Confront the Elder Brain
  • Control the Elder Brain
  • Destroy the Elder Brain

Everything to Do in Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 3

While Act 3 technically has fewer locations than the past two, that doesn’t mean there’s less to do. Rivington and Lower City are packed to the brim with discoveries. And while there are only a handful of quests you have to complete to finish the game, you’d be missing out on a ton of lore and context if you didn’t. Here’s a list of all the sidequests and discoveries you can find in Act 3.


  • Find Yenna then talk to her at your camp – You can find Yenna, a young beggar girl, in the refugee camp. You can tell her to head to your camp and welcome her to the group.
  • Talk to Ferg Drogher about Shadowheart – If Shadowheart is in your party while exploring Rivington you can run into a Sharran from her cloister. Talking to him helps you learn about the next step of her quest, The House of Grief.
  • Investigate the Open Hand Temple Murders – Enter the temple to learn about grisly murders happening, which you can investigate by searching and talking to dead bodies.
  • Enter the Circus of Last Days and win Akabi’s Jackpot – You need to pass a hidden perception check to win.
  • Find Dribbles the Clown – Follow our guide to find all of Dribble’s body parts.
  • Investigate the Suspicious Toys – Head to the basement of Arfur’s Mansion and read the blackmail letter.
  • Feed the Mind Flayer – In the windmill basement, you’ll find a newborn Mind Flayer. You can choose to attack it and take it down, or bring it a body to feast on.
  • Deal with the Gnomes – When you reach the South Span Checkpoint, a group of gnomes will stun the guards. Talk to Manip Falcäo standing to the side afterward to start the quest.
  • Speak to the Strange Ox and help it – If you didn’t turn it into meat it in the first two acts, find the Strange Ox again in the old barn.
  • Find the Missing Letters – You’ll find a Tressym that’s been stealing the letters on the roof of the house across from the post office.
  • The High Harper – If you recruited Jaheira, have her in your party when you visit Wyrm’s Crossing, then speak to her to unlock the quest.
  • Find the Wyrmway – The Wyrmway is a late-game dungeon with some Legendary items, bits of lore, and even details for Karlach’s quest. To enter it, head to Wyrm’s Rock Fortress, then go down to the prison. Pass through the first door and turn left, then go to the end of the hall. There are two dragon torches on the wall, extinguish them, then hit both with lightning damage to open the entrance to the gauntlet.
  • Become Illithid – In Act 3’s climax, there’s a major choice where someone will need to become a Mind Flayer, which greatly affects the ending. You can choose yourself, Orpheus, or Karlach if she’s in your party at the time.

Baldur’s Gate

  • Find the Doppelgänger in camp – After talking to Gortash you’ll learn about a Doppelgänger among your companions. After resting and waiting long enough, Orin will reveal herself to you in camp.
  • Find Mol – Enter the Guildhall to find the missing Tiefling.
  • Free Counsellor Florrick – If you save Florrick in the burning inn during Act 1, you can read the execution notice near the gallows to get this quest.
  • Win the Laff Riot Contest – In Elfsong Tavern, you can engage in a joke-off with a comedian.
  • Roveer’s Storehouse – Speak to Roveer in Elfsong Tavern to learn about his storehouse’s location.
  • The Emperor’s Hideout – The Emperor will tell you about his hideout when you get near Elfsong Tavern.
  • Enter Jaheira’s Sanctuary – You can find Jaheira’s Sanctuary in Elerrathin’s home in the Northwest lower city. Solve the pin puzzle there to enter her hideout.
  • Solve the Puzzles in Sorcerous Sundries – The shop has a few different puzzles to solve for some valuable items. Talk to the librarian Tolna Tome-Monger to learn how to enter the Vault.
  • Side with Lorroakan or Dame Aylin – Lorroakan resides at the top of Sorcerous Sundries, and you can either help him trap Dame Aylin, or help her attack him.
  • Find Elminster Outside of Sorcerous Sundries – To continue Gale’s quest, talk to Elminster outside of Sorcerous Sundries, then agree to talk to the goddess Mystra.
  • Recruit Minsc in the Abandoned Cistern – The cistern is in the western corner of the Lower City Sewers, and you’ll need to keep Minsc alive in a tough fight to recruit him.
  • Aid the Underduke for Minsc’s quest.
  • Help Carrion’s servants escape or side with Carrion – You can find The Mystic Carrion in a locked building called Philgrave’s Mansion in Lower City. This will launch a lengthy sidequest where you can side with Carrion or his servants.
  • Free Oskar, again – The hapless artist Oskar is in a bind yet again. Find him in Lady Jannath’s Estate in Lower City.
  • Find the Counting House and High Security Vault – In the South part of Lower City, you can find the Counting House, filled with multiple vaults that contain loot. The keys are scattered all around Baldur’s Gate, but the Heavy Iron Key for the High Security Vault is found in Ramazith Tower at the top of Sorcerous Sundries.
  • Return Rakath’s Gold – In the Counting House, Rakath will tell you about his stolen gold, starting the quest.
  • Get into the House of Hope and find the Orphic Hammer – Head to the Devil’s Fee in Lower City and complete the Helsik Ritual there to enter the house. You’ll need the Orphic Hammer to defeat Raphael.
  • Rescue Hope – While in the House of Hope, you’ll be able to save Hope herself, if you choose to.
  • Find the House of Grief – This is a vital location for completing Shadowheart’s quest. It’s in the far Northwest corner of Lower City.
  • Save Vanra – Head to the Basilisk Gate Barracks and talk to Lora to start this quest.
  • Help the Hag Survivors – Interact with any of the Anti-Hag Support Group posters in Lower City, then head to Barren’s Coop, which is Northeast of the Heapside Strand waypoint.
  • Find and enter Cazador’s Palace – Head to the Lower City waypoint then look for Szarr Palace South Tower to find the entrance to Cazador’s Palace, the last step of Astarion’s quest.
  • Complete the Ascension Ritual with Astarion, or stop it.
  • Agree to help Kith’rak Vows – Find Kith’rak in Sharess’ Caress and agree to help him or not.
  • Save the Gondians – Speak to Zanner Toobin in the Steel Watch Foundry to start the quest.
  • Retrieve Omeluum – If you did not give the Githyanki Egg to Lady Esther in Act I, this quest will automatically start when you visit the Iron Throne.
  • Avenge the Drowned – Speak with Allandra Grey, who is east of the Grey Harbour Docks, to start this quest.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is currently available on PC and PS5. An Xbox Series X|S version is currently in development.

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