The people at robotics firm Boston Dynamics seemingly love to freak people out with their Parkour robots, four-legged construction dog bots, and rolling nightmares. But they have one thing in common: None of them have a proper head or face. That may one day change, if a video shared by the company is any indication.

On Friday, Boston Dynamics shared on its Instagram account a video from Chris Kunzmann, who is somewhat of a special effects legend because of the creations that come out of his shop in Germany. Kunzmann shared a video recently titled “Uncanny Valley Robot Animatronic test programming for our robot head,” and it certainly stirs in the viewer that uncomfortable feeling occurs when one looks at something that’s not quite human but not quite robot. Boston Dynamics tells Inverse that Kunzmann’s work isn’t theirs, but that doesn’t mean a robot that blinks back (even if it doesn’t have to) won’t ever occur for its Atlas Robot.

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