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Sorry Cadillac sedan lovers, it looks like the automaker is going all-in on SUVs.

Cadillac just revealed the Vistiq, an all-electric three-row SUV, that should hit the U.S. market sometime in 2025. The Vistiq announcement comes just a month after the compact Optiq SUV was announced, and the enormous Escalade IQ before that.

Along with Cadillac’s first EV, the Lyriq, the automaker’s EV portfolio is just SUVs. We’re not exactly counting the extra-long Celestiq sedan since most people can’t afford that ridiculous starting $340,000 price tag.

Still, that makes the Vistiq the fifth EV in Cadillac’s electrified lineup that has an option for every price point out there. The Vistiq is aimed at those looking for a three-row SUV but not something as monstrous as the Escalade IQ. However, this will be a far cry from the truly entry-level Optiq.


Cadillac only revealed the exterior of the Vistiq today, so we only have a couple of images to go off of. Still, it looks like the upcoming three-row SUV pulls largely from the design language of the Lyriq while offering more length in the back. Unfortunately, Cadillac didn’t reveal what the Vistiq’s interior looked like but we’re expecting it to also largely mirror the Lyriq again.

With no specs revealed, we’re left guessing about the Vistiq’s range. We can make some educated guesses since it will likely run on GM’s Ultium platform. This platform is already powering the Cadillac Lyriq and the Chevrolet Blazer EV, which both get more than 300 miles. Considering the size difference between the larger Vistiq and the Lyriq, we’re guessing this will affect the range slightly.


Cadillac says it will reveal more details about the Vistiq, like the features and pricing, next year. Since Cadillac announced a 2026 model for the Vistiq, the three-row SUV should go on sale in the U.S. in 2025.

With no exact price, we figure this EV will fall somewhere between the Lyriq’s nearly $58,000 starting price and the Escalade IQ’s roughly $130,000 starting price. That’s a large range, but the Vistiq is also comparable to an already-established three-row luxury SUV, the Model X which now starts at around $80,000.

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