Whether you’ve just moved in or you’re a long-time resident, it’s always fun to improve your home in little ways that won’t break the bank — and Amazon is filled with some unexpected yet brilliant things that will make a big difference without costing a lot. As you scroll, you’ll find some cool accessories and gadgets such as home organization tools, items that’ll make daily tasks a lot easier, and some decorative picks that are both unique and fun.

The best part? They’re all under $35. Scroll on to check out these

When you need to unplug a device, these colorful

This handy


For a fun way to organize your keys, this cloud

This cool

Cover your Oreo cookies in chocolate using these

Great for entertaining guests or using on your own for a cozy night in, this

Figuring out what to eat every night can be a challenge, but this

Keep your batteries neat and easy to find with this

Keep your cords in check with these

To enjoy your outdoor space without being bombarded by mosquitoes, consider these


This cool rechargeable

Swap your monstrous jug of laundry detergent for these dissolving

Upgrade your bathroom experience with this


This handy little

If you’re the type of person that prefers hand-writing notes and lists, consider this reusable

Instead of keeping your used cooking oils or bacon grease in a random jar or container, consider using this stainless steel

Enjoy your wine or mixed drinks without the fear of shattered glass with these

Use this


Keep your bedsheets from twisting and balling up in the washer and dryer with these

From plant care to self-care, this

Organize your desk without sacrificing style with this

Ditch single-use lighters and flammable liquids in favor of this

Keep your personal information safe from prying eyes with this

Place these



While hangers aren’t typically given much attention, they can make a big impact on the feel and function of your closet. Consider upgrading to these highly rated

Great for the tight spaces behind your couch, bed, or desk, this slim

Get into all of those hard-to-clean nooks, crannies, and grout lines with this


If you happen to do some of your best thinking in the shower, put this

Great for organizing kitchen utensils, dresser drawers, or office accessories, these

For brighter video chat sessions and selfies, add one of these clip-on

Keep your charging cables from falling on the floor with this

For sparkling white grout lines, use this

Whether you’re grilling after the sun has gone down or just need to brighten a dim area, these bendable LED lights are a helpful tool. They feature strong magnets on the bottom that stick to metal surfaces, and they can bend in all directions for the perfect angle. Plus, they come with the AAA batteries needed for use.

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