The Details:

  • Companion app + built-in smart buttons allow for complete integration with other smart devices and a fully customized start to your day.
  • Outfit with a white noise generator to help you fall asleep.
  • From music to radio, to tailor-made alarms, the content options are endless.
  • The display shows a read-out of upcoming alarms and room temperature.
  • Includes two USB charging ports for your devices.
  • Why You Want It: This is no ordinary alarm clock. Beddi 2 integrates seamlessly with all of your smart devices, serving as a blank canvas for you to create your ideal waking-up experience and start your day off right. From blinds to lights, to custom content delivery, you can tailor everything to your unique tastes so that your alarm feels like you, not some abrasive noise coming out of nowhere that just puts you in a bad mood.

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