Valve has a rich history of making beloved games including Half-Life, Portal, and Left 4 Dead. One of its most popular games is the online first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which launched in 2012, and became a hit with the esports community. Since then, Valve has supported it tremendously, but now, it seems like a fully-fledged sequel may be in the works. Referred to as Counter-Strike 2, this new supposed sequel aims to change things from the previous entry in major ways. Here’s what we know about the supposed Counter-Strike 2.

Is CSGO 2 In Development?

Before diving into the leaks and reports, it’s important to note that Valve has yet to officially confirm the existence of Counter-Strike 2. Having said that, there’s evidence to suggest that it’s in the works and that it has been for a while. Still, until we hear official word from Valve, nothing is set in stone.

Possible CSGO 2 Release Window

Much of the information about Counter-Strike 2 comes from Counter-Strike journalist Richard Lewis, who published a lengthy report recently that highlights what to expect from the sequel.

Lewis reported that anonymous sources with “knowledge of the game’s development” said that Counter-Strike 2 has been in the works for “some time,” and that a beta will go live in March or April 2023. A release date for the full game is unknown, but we could very well see an early version of it within the coming weeks.

CSGO 2 Leaks

But what else do we know about Counter-Strike 2? According to Lewis, Counter-Strike 2 will run on the Source 2 engine, which will vastly enhance the game’s visuals and performance. “That is likely to come at a cost of performance for players with low-end PCs, although Valve historically has always had a philosophy of empowering those with everyday gaming rigs to be able to play their games,” Lewis said.

Elsewhere in the report, Lewis’ sources said the game will include 128-tick servers, which will allow for faster processing, and that matchmaking will be improved overall. Apparently, Counter-Strike 2 is “ready to go,” according to a source.

Lewis mentions that it’s unclear if Counter-Strike 2 will replace the original, or if they’ll exist alongside one another.

Lewis’s report isn’t the only piece of evidence to support the sequel’s existence.

Twitter user Gabe Follower 2 recently discovered that new NVIDIA drivers include peculiar executables in the form of “csgos2.exe” and “cs2.exe.” This is noteworthy because the .exe filename extension is known as “executable,” which indicates the main execution point of a program, typically on Windows operating systems. Running a .exe file will typically start a particular program. These executables were not present until recently, indicating that a Counter-Strike 2 beta test will likely launch sometime soon.

One thing that’s worth mentioning is that Gabe says this new entry won’t actually be a “new game.” Instead, Gabe says it will be the same CSGO on the new Source 2 engine, serving almost as an enhanced version of the game.

“It won’t be [a] new game, it won’t be Counter-Strike 2, it won’t be even a rebrand, just CS:GO Source 2,” Gabe said. “And your skins are fine, they will be available in [the] new version.”

Since this seems to contradict what Lewis said, at least in terms of what the game will be called, it’s best to wait for official word from Valve to be sure.

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