In a world where even horror films like Suspiria somehow get a post-credits scene, it’s easy to assume that the Nazi zombie horror flick Overlord might have an after-credits scene too — especially with a notorious world-builder like J.J. Abrams attached as producer.

So do fans need to stick around after the credits roll?

Nope. Overlord does not have any post-credits scenes, and there’s a good reason why. Here’s what you need to know.

Full spoilers follow for the Overlord ending.

When the main action of Overlord wraps up, most of Pvt. Boyce’s squad has perished. Squadmates Rosenfeld and Tibbet are the only other survivors, along with civilian Chloe and her little brother Paul. Their mission to destroy a German radio tower in this nameless small French village was a success, helping the invasion on the beaches of Normandy a great deal. The same explosion buried the Nazi zombie lab underneath the radio tower, hopefully preventing any more monstrosities from emerging.

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