Goodbye, Philly. Hello, N’Awlins. This game looks like a passing-of-the-torch moment between last year’s waning champion Eagles and the ascendant Saints, who looked poised to take over Philadelphia’s mantle as the kings of the NFC, if not the Super Bowl.

Last year’s Eagles were fun. They gave us the Philly Special and had the world’s most ratchet craziest fans, who committed the most entertaining crimes after defeating the Patriots to win the Super Bowl. Our personal favorite? “We have a large crowd throwing bottles and chanting, ‘Meek Mill.’”

By contrast, this year’s flock looks tired. Uninspired. Morose. Moribund. All of the SAT vocabulary words. The Eagles had a chance to regain altitude and crack .500 last week against the Cowboys, but once again, Philly came out flat in an important game and has now failed to piece together back-to-back wins all season long. More importantly, the Eagles cost us money last week, as we errantly placed our money on our belief that they would right the ship in time for a second-half surge towards the playoffs.

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