It never hurts to be prepared for the worst. EcoFlow makes preparation even easier with its Whole-home Backup Power Solution. It’s exactly as the name sounds — it’s a standalone backup power setup that can run your entire home in the event of a power outage.

You can compare EcoFlow’s electric backup power solution to the gas backup generators that some people use to power their homes in case of emergencies. However, EcoFlow’s alternative doesn’t use any gas or produce any carbon monoxide fumes. That should also mean that you’ll never run into a situation where you realize the backup generator is low on gas far too late.

Week-long power — EcoFlow is offering its Whole-home Backup Power Solution in three different setups, but the starter kit is just EcoFlow’s Delta Pro portable power station. While the Delta Pro can certainly get you some charge in a pinch, we’re more interested in EcoFlow’s more comprehensive backup power setups.

The Advanced Kit connects two Delta Pro units to a Double Voltage Hub, which can provide 7,200W and 240V output. The two Delta Pro units can be fully recharged in 5.4 hours, but you can also add more Delta Pro units to your setup. If you want the premium option, EcoFlow has a Smart Control Kit that is just like the Advanced Kit but adds a Smart Home Panel that gives you smart energy management on top of backup power.

Both kits can run power to your home for things like lights for eight days, the Wi-Fi router for nine days, or a fridge for at least two days. You can even power a 50-inch TV for 54 hours if that’s your priority in a power outage. If you really wanna go green, you can pair the kits with EcoFlow’s solar panels.

EcoFlow designed its Whole-home Backup Power Solution options to be simple to install by connecting the Double Voltage Hub to your breaker panel with a power inlet box or a transfer switch.

Expensive, but efficient — The Whole-home Backup Power Solution is available at EcoFlow’s website. The starter kit that just has the singular Delta Pro unit starts at $3,600, but the price tag quickly jumps up to $5,298 for the Smart Control Kit. EcoFlow says the home backup power kits will be available to U.S. customers first but will be coming to Europe soon.

EcoFlow’s Whole-home Backup Power Solution feels a bit pricey, but consider that most backup generator systems start at around $2,000. That’s also before counting the gas costs in order to keep them topped up. Besides, you probably won’t be thinking about price tags when a blackout does eventually happen.

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