Elon Musk has big plans for his infrastructure venture, The Boring Company. The tech mogul has touted that the tunnels burrowed by his company could lay the foundation for a cross-country hyperloop transit system. And on Tuesday, the CEO hinted at the next city that could be getting the hyperloop treatment.

The Boring Company already plans to open a two-mile proof-of-concept tunnel that connects SpaceX’s Hawthorne, California headquarters to a Los Angeles suburb on December 10. After that, the company might look northward for its next California-based tunneling effort, to San Francisco.

This is all based on an admittedly brief online exchange between Musk and fellow tech entrepreneur Marc Benioff, the CEO of cloud-based software company Salesforce. In response to the teaser footage of the LA tunnel Musk shared on Tuesday, Benioff asked him to expand his transit tunnels to the Bay Area.

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