Ready to take your supports to the next level? Fire Emblem Engage is the latest in the long-running tactics franchise, with a greater emphasis than before on deep combat mechanics. Part of that comes from having great support levels with your party members, and the best way to raise support levels is with gifts. Give the best gifts to your party members, and you’ll have A ranks locked in no time. With 35 characters to unlock in Fire Emblem Engage, it can be difficult keeping track of who likes what. That’s where we come in.

Character spoilers ahead for Fire Emblem Engage. If you don’t want to see everyone it’s possible recruit, consider searching this page by character name or returning later.

How to give gifts in Fire Emblem Engage

Supports are critical in Fire Emblem Engage, as the higher ranks you have, the better your units will perform in combat next to each other. It’s also important for being able to get your lone S-Rank support, which leads to a romance of sorts. Before giving a party member a gift, it’s important to always check and make sure your current support level isn’t maxed out. If it is, you’ll need to have a special conversation with the character in question, at which point you’ll unlock a new rank and be able to continue raising support levels.

You’ll find some gifts throughout the game as item drops, but you can also purchase additional gifts from Timerra’s shop once she joins your party.

Giving a party member gifts in Fire Emblem Engage is extremely easy. You need to head back to The Somniel, then find the party member you want to give a gift to. If you’re not sure where they are, you can find them using the Bulletin Board in the Cafeteria, then selecting Somniel Map. Once you’ve located the party member in question, simply start a conversation and then select the Gift option.

Best gifts for each party member in Fire Emblem Engage

Your allies love gifts, but even though there’s a lot of overlap between some characters, they won’t just accept any junk you throw their way. They have individual likes and dislikes, and if you just hand things out without paying attention, you won’t get anywhere. Paying attention to what your allies say in Bond and Support conversations can give you some insight, but if you ever need a reminder, check the Ally Notebook under Reference in the menu.


Alcryst likes history and reading, but despises being sunburnt. Give him the Elyos History, Poetry Book, and Sun Visor.


Alfred is a fan of reading, the Divine Dragon, and exercising. As such, he’ll enjoy reading the Dragon Scripture and preparing for future battles with the Training Weights.


Amber enjoys fine flavors and carving figurines. The Yogurt, Roasted Yam, Bear Carving, and Utility Knife are all great gifts to choose from.


Anna enjoys knives and cutesy things. You can give her the Cute Apron, Quality Kerchief, and Utility Knife.


The brash bruiser Boucheron actually enjoys reading and studying nature. Gifts to give include the Poetry Book, Elyos History, and Landscape Art.


Bunet enjoys flowers and staying cool in the desert of Solm. You should give him the Desert Marigold, Sun Visor, and White Clover.


A refined noble, Celine likes fine things in life, as well as reading. Giving her the Dragon Scripture, Elyos History, Lovely Candle, Poetry Book, and Quality Kerchief.


As a noble who loves fairy tales, animals, and daydreaming, you should be giving Chloé the Animal Treats, Butterfly Net, Dragon Scripture, and Sun Visor.


Citrinne is another huge reader, so you should give her the Elyos History, Fairy Tale Book, and Philosophy Book.


Clanne is another big reader and fan of the Divine Dragon. Give him the Dragon Scripture, Elyos History, and Poetry Book.


The crown prince of Brodia loves weapons, training, and meat. He’ll like the Fancy Dagger, Training Weights, and Utility Knife.


Etie the archer loves training, so you should give her the Training Weights.


Fogado is big on having fun and admiring the beauty of his desert homeland. You can offer him the Desert Marigold, Landscape Art, and Playing Cards.


This protector enjoys training and learning about the Divine Dragon, so she can be given the Dragon Scripture and Training Weights.


Goldmary is all about nice things, but she also appreciates nature, which means she can be offered the Bear Carving, Cute Apron, Landscape Art, and Quality Kerchief.


This princess of Elusia actually enjoys the same things as her retainer above, so give her the Bear Carving, Cute Apron, Landscape Art, and Quality Kerchief.


The Elusian heir doesn’t want sunburn while she reads about the Divine Dragon. Offer her the Dragon Scripture, Elyos History, Poetry Book, and Sun Visor.


This warrior has a kindness for animals. You can give her her the Animal Treats, Bear Carving, and Butterfly Net.


An aspiring monk, Jean loves reading. Give him the Dragon Scripture, Elyos History, and Poetry Book.


Kagetsu enjoys unwinding by training and relaxing, so raise his support by giving him the Playing Cards and Training Weights.


As a bodyguard, Lapis loves working her muscles out and eating yams. Offer her the Muscle Balm, Roasted Yam, and Training Weights.


Lindon loves looking through books and should be given the Elyos History, Fairy Tale Book, Philosophy Book, and Poetry Book.


The strong Louis enjoys reading things like the Dragon Scripture and Poetry Book, as well as admiring the White Clover.


A rugged former member of the Four Hounds, Mauvier has depth and will like the Chrysanthemum, Lily, and Desert Marigold.


As a Wolf Knight, Merrin is big fan of animals and knives. You’ll win her over through gifts like Animal Treats, Bear Carving, Fancy Dagger, and Utility Knife.


With a taste for softness and having fun, Pandreo will appreciate gifts such as the Lovely Candle, Playing Cards, and Yogurt.


As a fan of art and baking, you’ll raise Rosado’s support through giving her the Cute Apron and Landscape Art.


Saphir loves eating food and relaxing, so you should give her Playing Cards, Roasted Yam, and Yogurt.


As a dancer in Solm, Seadall’s support is raised through gifts like the Lovely Candle, Quality Kerchief, and Sun Visor.


This princess of Solm can be appeased with Animal Treats, Bear Carving, Butterfly Net.


This mischievous thief loves reading, training, and collecting knives. Gift her the Elyos History, Fancy Dagger, Poetry Book, Training Weights, and Utility Knife.


As a devoted guardian of the Divine Dragon, Vander will appreciate the Dragon Scripture and Quality Kerchief.


This strange waif loves reading and admiring flowers. Give her the Chrysanthemum, Desert Marigold, Elyos History, and Poetry Book.


As the quiet retainer to Ivy, Zelkov loves reading and enjoying art. He’ll like the Landscape Art and Poetry Book.

Fire Emblem Engage is out now on Nintendo Switch.

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