Ford introduced a fully electric van that can handle business on the weekdays and adventures on the weekend. The E-Tourneo Custom falls under the Ford Pro umbrella so it’s designed for work uses, but it can easily be outfitted as a camper van for your weekend trips.

The E-Tourneo Custom is partially catered towards those interested in the growing van life movement. The van was designed to be a little more practical than camper vans or RVs, but is still fully capable of outdoor adventures. Ford’s latest EV could serve as a decent middle ground that offers both functionality and flexibility that would suit part-time van lifers perfectly.

Crucial features — The E-Tourneo Custom will use the same battery cell technology as Ford’s F-150 Lightning pickup truck. The 74 kWh battery will power the van’s 160 kW electric motor and offer a range of roughly 230 miles.

You can charge the E-Tourneo Custom with 125 kW DC fast charging, which will get you from 15 to 80 percent in roughly 41 minutes. In emergency cases, you’ll be able to get about 23 miles with five minutes of fast charging. The van is still compatible with 11 kW AC charging that can get a full charge in less than eight hours.

The EV version of the E-Tourneo Custom has 2.3 kW of Ford’s Pro Power Onboard, which essentially acts as a power station and lets you recharge your devices, power tools, or camping gear. For all your work needs, the van can handle a max towing capacity of 2,000 kilograms, or roughly 4,400 pounds, while offering a smoother ride with its quiet electric propulsion and redesigned chassis.

The E-Tourneo Custom comes with smart features like adaptive cruise control, reverse brake assist, fully active park assist, and 360-degree camera system, but you can deck it out with a tilting steering wheel, panoramic glass roof, track-mounted rear seating, power side doors, B&O audio, and digital key cards.

Diesel first — Ford will be offering the E-Tourneo Custom in three trims: Active, Sports and the top-of-the-line Titanium X. While the E-Tourneo Custom is primarily an all-electric model, Ford is planning on introducing a plug-in hybrid, and a diesel version that has an eight-speed automatic gearbox and an intelligent all-wheel-drive system.

The diesel version will be the first to hit the European markets in mid 2023, while the plug-in and the fully-electric versions will be available later in the year. Ford will be producing all models of the E-Tourneo Custom in its plant in Turkey. For those not into vans, Ford is looking to introduce three more EVs under the Ford Pro branding by 2024.

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