Instant cameras aren’t going anywhere. In fact, the market for them is growing and Fujifilm is embracing that niche with its new square film format, the Instax Square SQ40 — a welcome addition to its only other square format instant camera, the SQ1.

Compared to the SQ1, the SQ40 features a vintage look with its textured black body, but it still has a lot of the same useful features. It’s not as colorful as Fujifilm’s ever-popular Instax Mini series with its bright plastic design, but it’s more capable. The SQ40’s square film gives you a lot more wiggle room when it comes to lining up your shot, especially compared to the Fujifilm’s mini film.


Like all of Fujifilm’s other instant cameras, the SQ40 has a straightforward design. You click the shutter button and you’ll get your shot printed out seconds after. The SQ40 has an Automatic Exposure feature that senses the ambient light when you press the shutter button. This way, you won’t waste any precious film on potentially underexposed shots.

Fujifilm also brought its Selfie Mode feature to the SQ40 where you can twist the lens to activate it. Once activated, you can use the mirror on the lens to line up your selfie before snapping the shot.

Fujifilm is also putting out a new film variant called Sunset. It’s not as colorful as some of the mini film variations like Mermaid Tail or Heart Sketch, but the Sunset film has borders with soft color gradients to give your shots a sunset vibe.


Fujifilm’s Instax Square SQ40 will be on sale by the end of June and will go for $149.95. The new Sunset square film will also be coming out in June and will cost $15.75 for a pack of 10 sheets.

If you prefer an instant camera with more capabilities, Fujifilm is adding a new brown colorway to its existing Instax Mini Evo. The new color will retail for the same price of $199.95 and is also expected by the end of June. Now, we just need Fujifilm to show some love to its wide-format instant cameras.

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