Despite taking . Both focus on linear sections filled with combat encounters that lead up to impressive boss fights, while open areas allow for more freedom to break up the high-stakes narrative. If you like the combination of narrative structure and combat that Final Fantasy XVI offers, Ragnarök will feel incredibly similar.

5. Drakengard

If you somehow play Final Fantasy XVI and think that the game isn’t dark or violent enough then you should be playing Drakengard. From NieR creator Yoko Taro, Drakengard has one of the darkest most morally grey narratives in gaming and makes for a complex foil to Final Fantasy XVI’s mature (if unoriginal) story that ultimately has clear heroes and villains. While combat isn’t anywhere near as good as Final Fantasy XVI, the unique bleakness of Drakengard is worth experiencing.

4. Shadow of the Colossus

The spectacle of Final Fantasy XVI’s massive Eikon battles is hard to replicate, but Shadow of the Colossus comes close. Team Ico’s masterpiece puts players in the role of the Wanderer, a lone figure who travels a vast empty world in pursuit of giant monsters. Each Colossi is its own platforming puzzle and boss fight that can take a substantial amount of time to beat. The sense of scale that Shadow of the Colossus is right up there with punching Titan in Final Fantasy XVI.

3. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Another incredible real-time action combat system designed by Ryota Suzuki is one of the many great things about Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen. This expansive open-world RPG similarly takes place in a Western-inspired fantasy setting. Instead of Final Fantasy XVI’s heavy narrative focus, what makes Dragon’s Dogma so good (but still familiar to Final Fantasy XVI players) is the game’s inventive use of its world, especially monster hunts and AI companions.

2. Tales of Arise

The latest entry in the long-running Tales of series, Arise is a modern masterpiece of RPG design. The game’s narrative also bears a striking resemblance to Final Fantasy XVI’s focus on the systemic oppression of a slave class by an oppressive regime. If the Game of Thrones grimdark world design and writing of Final Fantasy XVI feels shallow to you, then Tales of Arise’s earnest approach to tackling the same thematic questions might be the perfect thing.

1. Final Fantasy Tactics

There are a handful of earlier entries in the Final Fantasy franchise that fit perfectly next to Final Fantasy XVI, but the one entry XVI owes everything to is Final Fantasy Tactics. Based on the same historical event that inspired Game of Thrones, Tactics remains one of the most complex and philosophically interesting Final Fantasy games. One of the key developers of Tactics was Kazutoyo Maehiro, who wrote the script for Final Fantasy XVI, so there are a lot of similar themes at play.

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