There are a ton of clever solutions and gadgets you can bring into your home to give it an upgrade — whether or not you know about them. Luckily, these genius gems are pretty easy to find on Amazon. With just a few clicks, you can be on your way to saving space, conserving energy, and entertaining with ease — without the need for expensive new furniture or remodeling with contractors.

If you’re not sure where to start, scroll through this list to get an idea of what clever inventions at affordable prices your home has been missing out on most.

A roll-up drying rack that holds up to 33 pounds

This roll-up dish rack gives you the space you need to properly dry your plates and silverware without taking up any room on your counter. Instead, the stainless steel rods roll over your sink and stay in place with the help of the silicone on either end that keep it secure. The water can drain between each wire right into the sink, as the rack holds up to 33 pounds. When done, just roll it up and store it in a drawer until it’s time to use again.

A pack of motion-sensor lights that can stick on your stairs & halls

For a bit of guidance when you wake up in the middle of the night craving a snack, stick these motion-sensor lights onto your stairs or on your walls. They turn on as soon as they detect motion from up to 10 feet away and stay on for 30 seconds after you move away. Their 35 lumens deliver a warm white glow that can run for 125 hours. Both mounting screws and adhesive tape are included for easy installation.

These grippy velvet hangers that swivel 360 degrees

Not only do these velvet hangers keep your clothes in place but they actually give you a better look at them as well. The durable hook swivels 360 degrees to keep you a complete view of each piece that’s situated on their non-slip surface. Each in this pack of 30 has notched shoulders to securely hold thin straps and can handle up to 10 pounds.

This easy-to-install wireless doorbell with 52 chime options

This minimalistic wireless doorbell has a a 1,000-foot range that makes it perfect to use in large houses or throughout multiple floors. The compact ringer is completely weatherproof able to operate in temperatures ranging from -4 to 140 degrees. It has four volume levels, including a silent mode that indicates a visitor with just a flash of the LED light instead and 50-plus chime options, making it very customizable. Plus, it has a three-year battery life, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it for a long time.

A bidet attachment that you don’t need tools to install

Upgrade your bathroom with this bidet attachment. It fits on any standard size toilet and doesn’t even need to be screwed in. The control panel simply slides underneath the lid to give you easy access to the dial that can be used to adjust water pressure and spray direction. It’s an quick and gentle way to practice good hygiene — and save on wet wipes.

The versatile jar opener that adheres to any surface

Instead of banging the sauce jar on the counter or fighting with the jam for 20 minutes, slide any container into this jar opener. It adheres or screws into the bottom of any cabinet so that it remains hidden from view but easy to access. Its sharp teeth get a strong hold on even vacuum-sealed lids and pop it off in just seconds, and it works on every size jar from nail polish bottles to jumbo tubs of mayo.

An outlet extender with 9 outlets & a genius trapezoid design

This outlet extender turns your two-prong outlet into one with five traditional plugs, three USB ports, and a USB-C port. It also maximizes your charging ability with its three-sided design, so you won’t have a bunch of plugs bumping into one another. It’s extremely effective at what it does, which is why it has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon after over 35,000 reviews.

This food scale with an 11-pound capacity

To take the guesswork out of cooking and baking, invest in this digital food scale. It’s compact but has the power to weigh up to 11 pounds in precise pounds, ounces, grams, or milliliters. You can also subtract the weight of any bowl you place on it so you are left with only the ingredients’ net weight. The large LCD display will clearly present the calculation and even warn you when it’s low on battery.

An endlessly reusable pet hair remover that won’t snag fabric

To quickly rid your furniture and clothes of strands left behind by your furry friend, pick up this pet hair remover. It traps all lint and fur without you having to deal with those sticky adhesive papers. And since it’s more gentle, you don’t have to worry about it snagging your sweater or seats. When it’s time to empty, just press the button and shake to empty the chamber into the trash.

These durable under-bed storage bags with a clear top

These under-bed storage bags keep your linens and out-of-season sweaters and clothes out of the way. But they also keep them dust-free and clean, thanks to the breathable non-woven fabric and clear plastic top that allows you to see what’s in each bag without totally undoing the zipper. When it’s time to change your sheets or break out those winter clothes, these bags can be dragged out easily with the reinforced handles.

A non-slip rug tape that can be torn into any size you need

To better control that carpet that tends to slide around with every step, place this rug tape underneath. The non-slip mesh keeps your floor decorations from bunching up or moving so that you don’t have to constantly readjust or trip over the corners. You don’t need any tools to use this tape, either, not even scissors. It can simply be ripped into whatever size you need.

A splash guard to keep your sink clean & dry

To avoid watermarks and having to wipe down your kitchen counter every time you wash dishes, wrap this splash guard around the bottom of your faucet. The flat pad is absorbent and fast-drying so it can prevent water from pooling. Its rubber backing keeps it from lifting and moving around and is also easy to cut so you can adjust the size and fit.

These silky smooth pillowcases that keep you cool & comfy

Made of a satin that feels super smooth and cool yet is still so affordable, this set of two pillowcases will instantly upgrade the look and feel of your bed. It’s not just the three dozen colors that’ll do it, either. These pillows have a slightly shiny finish that makes them look much more expensive than they are. The best part of these pillowcases, however, is that they’re gentler on your skin and hair than others, so you can wake up without awkward creases or a frizzy mane.

This compact humidifier that isn’t too loud

At just 5 inches wide, this humidifier is perfect for smaller spaces. While it’s compact enough to keep on your desk or bedside table, it has a 34-ounce tank that can run for up to 10 hours. It keeps things simple with just one button but can be adjusted between low and high mist and having the light on or off. It will quickly moisturize the air so you an experience a better sleep and even your plants can flourish in the more nourishing environment.

This remote controlled LED light strip that changes colors

This LED light strip comes in different sizes so you can decide whether you’re going to line it up under your kitchen counter or just around your computer screen. Wherever you place it, you’ll enjoy an aesthetic glow that can be adjusted between three different whites and 15 different colors. When putting them near a screen, they’ll even help reduce eye strain and improve your display’s contrast. Their brightness levels, fade mode, and hue can all be controlled from the wireless remote that’s included.

A pack of refrigerator liners that prevent sticky messes

Whether it’s because of a jar with sauce dripping down the side or some leaky tomatoes, fridges tend to get messy. These refrigerator liners help minimize the amount of times you have to wipe down each shelf by creating a barrier between the two. This pack comes with 12 pads that can be trimmed so that they perfectly fit each section. One side of them has a grip surface to sit securely on the glass while the other is dotted to avoid sticking to foods.

These adhesive shower caddies with 4 moveable hooks

No drilling is necessary with these adhesive shower caddies. Just stick the adhesive strips onto any smooth surface, including glass, mirrors, and tile. The set is made of waterproof stainless steel that dries quickly and won’t rust. And since each shelf can hold up to 30 pounds, they can even be used in the kitchen to hold the spices and sauces that you don’t want to constantly reach into the cabinet for. The set of two comes with four hooks that can be moved around along the bottom so you can spread out your loofahs or kitchen utensils.

A wooden lazy Susan for organization & serving guests

Spend less time searching for the right ingredients and more time actually enjoying your creation with the help of this lazy Susan. The bamboo board is stronger than ordinary wood and spins 360 degrees so you have a clear view of everything you have available in your cabinet, fridge, or pantry. Get two so you also have one to serve appetizers that the entire table can reach from their seats.

A cable box to hide all your messy cords

You may not be able to get rid of all your cords but you can certainly get rid of their messy appearance with these cable management boxes. With slits on either side, the cords can be led into a power strip you hide inside, leaving your space free of clutter. If you don’t need an entire power strip inside, keep cords together by using the cable ties or stick-on clips that are included.

These reusable coffee pods that’ll save you money

Avoid picking up those pricy boxes of K-cups and start using these reusable pods instead. They’re better for the environment since they’re endlessly reusable and they give you the opportunity to enjoy grinds that may not be sold in pod-form. Each has a stainless steel mesh that can brew even the finest grinds without having them leak. This pack is compatible with a great number of coffee machines and comes with four pods.

This hair catcher that won’t affect water flow in the tub

Made from industrial-strength silicone, this hair catcher is easy to take in and out of the drain. It’s covered in holes to allow water to still properly drain as strands of loose hair wrap around the center before having a chance to clog the pipe. And since it’s so soft and flexible, it’s easy to rip the hair off and discard of it, too. The small, simple tool can end up saving you a ton by avoiding plumbing bills, which is why it has 81,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

This organizer that makes it easier to find contianer lids

Finding the matching top to a storage container can take forever and cause an avalanche in your cabinets if you don’t have this lid organizer. The tray comes with five dividers that can be moved around as you please so all your container lids can be organized as neatly as possible. The set-up is quick and easy, and the BPA-free plastic is easy to clean.

These chic wooden coasters that come with a holder

For a rustic but chic touch, keep these wooden coasters out at all times. The set of five comes neatly packaged in a metal holder that prevents them from toppling over and acts as a stylish accent to your coffee table. Each is made of natural materials and have raised edges to prevent any condensation from reaching the surface below. They also have anti-slip grips on the bottom to prevent any slippery accidents.

This wall mount with strong slots to hold tools

This wall mount has six slots and five hooks so you have enough space to keep all your gardening tools, cleaning supplies, and sports equipment off the ground. The entire fixture can hold up to 35 pounds and each spring-loaded clamp will keep your brooms and rakes from slipping through. All the screws and anchors that are needed are included so you can tidy up your garage, closet, or basement in no time.

A set of glass & stainless steel canisters to keep dry foods fresh

To store your pasta, candy, and nuts in an airtight container, transfer them to these glass canisters. Their clear design will bring a modern feel to your kitchen, and the stainless steel lids will keep your dry foods fresher for longer thanks to their airtight seal. And since they’re clear, you won’t have any trouble determining what food is in what container. This pack comes with four pieces, each a different size.

A set of cloud-like pillows that won’t lose their shape

With a cotton cover that has a 250-thread count, these pillows will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, according to reviewers. They’re filled with a soft gel-infused down-alternative that will always bounce back to avoid deforming their shape. Their plush constuction is what also makes it perfect for any type of sleeper. Plus, their chic striped cover won’t fade in the wash.

A cold brew maker that can hold over 1 liter of coffee

When you don’t feel like overpaying at the cafe, brew your own cup of coffee at home with this cold brew maker. The glass carafe can hold over a liter of liquid and comes with a scooper and funnel to make transferring the coffee grinds mess-free. The mesh filter is ultra-fine so that no grinds get through and you can enjoy a smooth blend each time. Plus, the leakproof lid can keep your creation fresh for up to three weeks.

This handy remote holder that mounts right onto the wall

No need to spend time looking for your remotes when it’s time to check out the latest HBO series with this wall-mounted remote holder, which gives you a designated spot for up to four remotes. You don’t need to break out the drill for this sleek piece, either, because it comes with double-sided adhesive strips that you can easily remove.

A set of electric salt & pepper grinders with adjustable coarseness

Make sure to have these electric salt and pepper grinders on the table or by your cutting board. Their simple design also be used with a single hand — no grinding required. They have wide openings that are easy to refill and strong blades that can adjust between three different coarseness levels. They even have an LED light built into the top so you can see exactly how much you’re using.

These drill brush attachments for a more effective scrub

This pack of drill brush attachments comes with three heads that differ in size and shape so you can achieve a more precise cleaning when scrubbing away between tiles. It also comes with an extended reach attachment to help the brushes better reach tight places. The set comes in six different colors, with each one representing a different strength level. The white is gentle enough to use on glass and leather while the black can handle grimy grills and furnaces.

This stainless steel cocktail maker set that won’t rust

This cocktail shaker set comes with everything you need to impress your guests with drinks that taste like they were made by a professional bartender. Each piece — no matter which of the three finishes you go for — is made of a heavy-duty stainless steel that won’t rust. The set includes an 18-ounce shaker, strainer, double jigger, ice tongs, and more. It even comes with a wooden stand to keep it all in.

This bamboo & velvet sofa arm tray to rest your coffee on

When the coffee table is just not close enough, use this sofa arm tray to put down your coffee and keep track of where the remote is. Its bamboo sides can bend over any size sofa, while the center piece remains flat at the top for a secure place to keep your most needed items while lounging. And since the top is made of a luxurious velvet, it can even double as a mousepad if you’re working while getting comfortable.

This best-selling mattress protector that is hypoallergenic

Whether you have a little one that tends to wet the bed or find yourself constantly spilling your bedtime cup of tea, you need this mattress protector. The hypoallergenic fabric has a fitted sheet-like build, which creates a waterproof barrier. And it also keeps out dust mites and allergens, which can save the mattress from mold and mildew. The super soft layer is breathable and won’t make any loud crinkle sounds as you get comfortable.

These smart bulbs that can be put on a schedule

For hands-free control, screw these smart bulbs in to any lamp or overhead fixture in your home. You can use your voice or phone to turn them on, off, or set them to a timer. They project a warm white glow but also have 16 million color options to flow between. They can even sync up to your music so that they change colors with the beat. They make it easy to set the mood and save energy at the same time.

This cushioned anti-fatigue mat with anti-curl edges

When washing dishes or working at your stand-up desk, make sure your feet are comfortable by this cushioned anti-fatigue mat. Its soft foam core reduces stress and pressure on your knees, muscles and joints by 32%. This can lead to improved posture and less soreness at the end of a long day. Plus, it has a non-slip bottom and sturdy edges that won’t curl up so that it stays in place no matter if it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, or office.

These vacuum storage bags that can save you a ton of space

Whether you’re packing away your summer clothes when the cold hits or figuring out how you’re going to fit all your scarves into your luggage, these vacuum storage bags will come to the rescue. They come with a handheld pump so you can remove all air from between fabrics and save up to 80% of space. The triple-sealed valve and double-zip seal keep everything airtight so that the bag stays as flat as possible. Each pack comes with six bags and there are four different sizes to choose from.

A draft stopper that can lower your electricity bill

This draft stopper will keep cold air from escaping during the summer and hot air from escaping during the winter, essentially helping you save on your electricity bills. The thick blocker is made with two layers that securely adhere to the bottom of your door and close the gap between it and your floor. It’s available in white, gray, black, and brown and can be cut to perfectly fit any width.

These silicone lids that stretch to fit over any cup or bowl

These silicone lids will keep you from constantly repurchasing those rolls of plastic that are a pain to get on over a pot or pan. Their flexible material easily stretches over any bowl, cup, pot, or container so that all your leftovers can be kept fresh without having to transfer them into storage containers. They’re safe to put in the oven (up to 350 degrees), freezer, microwave, and dishwasher. Each pack comes with a variety of different sizes so that it’s easy to mix and match.

These bed risers to create more storage space

Create more storage out of thin air by lifting your furniture with these bed risers. Each set of squares can hold up to 10,000 pounds to lift desks, cabinets, and beds 2 inches so that you have more room to fit storage bags and other essentials. The base layer is made of durable foam that protects your floor from getting scratched and keeps everything securely in place with its non-slip grip.

A durable bamboo shoe rack with as many tiers as you need

This shoe rack is made of natural bamboo, so it’ll last over 10 years. It comes with anything from two to six tiers but has a stackable design so that you can choose to grab two and pile them atop each other. The bamboo comes in four different finishes so you can pick a light or dark color that best matches your decor.

This 4-pack of smart plugs that can be voice-controlled

It’ll be hard to decide which four devices to connect to these smart plugs because they’re so convenient that you’ll want them everywhere. Each three-pronged plug can be used to control any home appliance via Google Home or Alexa and a mobile app. They can be set on a schedule and you can even group together certain plugs so you can control them all withe a single command. Plus, they have a compact design that allows you to have two plugs in one standard outlet.

An automatic soap dispenser that can be mounted on the wall

With a touchless operation, this automatic soap dispenser creates a more hygienic experience by limiting the things that your dirty hands have to come in contact with. The dispenser can hold 17 ounces at a time and has an anti-slip bottom that will sit securely on any surface. It can also be mounted to the wall to save space. It comes in have a dozen sleek finishes like chrome and antique copper.

A hygienic toothbrush holder that also has a ton of storage

In addition to stowing bristles safely away from dust and bacteria, this toothbrush holder has a built-in shelf, drawer, cup holder, and even an automatic toothpaste dispenser. It saves you the trouble of fighting to squeeze out every last bit of product and lets you keep your counter free of clutter by being mounted. The adhesive stickers can get a firm grip on wood, marble, frosted glass, and more.

A soft heated blanket that’s made of double-layered fleece

The 8.5-foot long cord that’s attached to this heated blanket makes it possible to still sit in your favorite spot on the couch while snuggling up under some extra warmth at the same time. The throw is made of a double-layered fleece that has six heating levels between 75 and 115 degrees. And since it’s equipped with overheat protection, it will automatically turn off after three hours.

A rainfall shower head with an easily adjustable angle

For higher water pressure but lower water consumption, take just a few minutes to screw in this rainfall shower head. The sleek, 8-inch wide piece is chrome-plated and made with a brass swivel ball that makes it easy to adjust its angle. You’ll be saving water while enjoying a luxurious spa-like experience. Each head fits all standard plumbing connections and comes with a lifetime warranty.

This sofa cover with nearly 40 color options

Slip on this sofa cover to keep your couch protected from pet scratches and stains. The stretchy piece is made of a soft fabric that will only add to the comfort of your furniture and cover up any unsavory looking pieces. It also has an elastic bottom to assure that it stays in place and covers every inch. The cover is available for loveseats and chairs as well.

These blackout curtains that are wrinkle-free

While these are blackout curtains, they actually come in a beautiful array of four dozen colors so that you can match the style of every room in your home. The set blocks out up to 99% of light and UV rays so that you’re not as easily woken up by the sunrise but they also reduce noise and keep in heat, which makes them just as useful for the living room as they are for your bedroom. Each set has silver grommets and remain wrinkle-free.

A storage cart that can be taken off its wheels

This storage cart has a slim three-tiered construction that is easy to slide next to the bathroom sink or washing machine. The cart sits on wheels that rotate 360 degrees and have a built-in brake so that the entire thing stays in place. However, the shelves can also be taken off and used on their own underneath a cabinet or on top of a counter. The cart also comes with nine hooks of three different sizes so the space outside of the shelves can be utilized as well.

A magnetic screen door that’ll keep out bugs

If you (or your pet) are constantly going in and out of the house, hanging up this magnetic screen door will make a world of difference. The mesh has a center line of 26 magnets that snap shut as soon as you pass through so that bugs won’t be able to find their way in. The door also has reinforced edges so it can withstand constant use from everyone in the family. Just push through without even using your hands so you can carry as much as you need without worrying about turning a knob.

A deodorizing spray that eliminates pet odor

To rid your carpets, upholstery, and more of the odor that pets can sometimes leave behind, reach for this deodorizing spray. The pet-friendly formula is safe to use around them since it’s made from fresh orange peels. The citrus scent works like a charm on even the most stubborn odors so that your home can feel (and smell) clean at all times. It’s also safe to use on tiles and fabric.

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