Brilliant inventions and gadgets don’t have to put a big dent in your bank account when Amazon is full of clever products for less than $30. Whether you’re in the market for a kitchen gadget to cut meat marinating time to five minutes, an insulated whiskey glass, or items for the rest of your home and car, get the best of the best by scrolling on.

These hat racks with 2 installation options

Get the mess off of your floors with this pair of 22-inch-long

Simplify your toolbox and save space with this


These shatterproof

In addition to steaming the grains, this microwaveable

Don’t be fooled by the lightweight design of these

Ergonomically shaped to fit in your palm, this


While this

Make the most of the space on your counters with this

Avoid messes in your car with this pair of

You’ll reach for this

These food-safe,


Sweaty palms and a refreshing beverage will no longer have to go hand in hand thanks to this

Why wait in line for a latte when you can create your own fancy-looking drink at home with this



Place kernels inside, butter on top, and soon enough this microwaveable


The silicone rim along the lids of these 20-ounce


Whether you’re craving a quiche, frittata, or just classic eggs, this electric

You no longer have to sacrifice reaching your water intake goals simply because you don’t have the space to bring along your biggest bottle. This

You can choose between grating, shredding, and fine shredding with this


Keep up to six phones and tablets lined up and organized with this


Amazon reviewers have been raving about this

The stainless steel mesh filter that this highly rated

In addition to adding appetizing grill marks to hamburgers, chicken, and steak, this



Before nesting cookware in one another, make sure you slip these

Just a few turns of the three stainless steel blades of this


This tooth-shaped


At nearly 14 inches long, these

You’ll feel like a professional chef with this shiny

This lightweight pair of

This car seat organizer has enough compartments to put everything from your laptop to your charging cable in place. No matter the make or model of your vehicle, it can be strapped securely around any headrest. And to keep your belongings safe from prying eyes, it has a built-in security flap to cover everything.

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