After you’ve finished the main story in High on Life, there’s still more to do! That’s right, Justin Roiland — the creator of Rick and Morty — has a secret ending in store for High on Life players, and it’s relatively straightforward to unlock. The secret ending itself is pretty wild, and while we won’t spoil it here, you should definitely stick around to see how things unfold. But how do you unlock the secret ending and what are the requirements? These are the steps to reach High of Life’s ridiculous secret ending.

Warning! Mild late-game spoilers for High on Life ahead.

1. Collect keycard

The first step is to go to your home and warp to Clugg’s Office using the portal.

Keep in mind, you don’t need to have finished the game to complete this step. You can begin this process right after defeating the Nipulon boss.

Once you arrive at Clugg’s Office, walk over to the desk and pick up the purple keycard. From here, head back to the portal to warp to the next section.

2. Warp to Human Haven

From the portal, warp to Human Haven and you’ll spawn in a cylindrical room. Look up and to the left and you’ll see a platform by a vent that you can actually jump up to. Look up and you’ll see several more platforms, and continue maneuvering up to them until you reach the very top. In total, there are three main platforms, and then one final ledge with a blinking red light.

Jump up here, and you’ll see a door with a “No Trespassing” sign. Use Clugg’s keycard to open the door and head inside.

3. Uncover Clugg’s secret

Then, follow the linear path, and switch to Sweezy to stop the spinning fan ahead. Go past the fan, then drop down and shoot the next fan to stop it from shredding you to bits. You’ll then end up in a disgusting room.

Exit the room through the door, make a left down the hall and you’ll come to another room where you’ll find Clugg. At this point, chase Clugg and you’ll come to the final sequence, which we won’t spoil here.

High on Life is available on Xbox consoles and Game Pass now.

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