Mark your calendar for November 9 — the date

It really resembles a lifelogging camera. Remember those? In fact, infused with AI, the Ai Pin is like the child of a Narrative Clip 2 lifelogging camera and Google Clips.

Is Humane’s Ai Pin a Luxury Device?

The collaboration with Coperni — a luxury designer brand — could be a hint at who the Ai Pin is for and how much it could cost.

Ryan Jones, the founder of the popular flight-tracking app, Flighty, makes an interesting point about Humane’s alignment with Coperni. “What does being in a fashion show convey? Elite. Out of touch. Jewelry,” Jones posted on X/Twitter.

Humane isn’t the first tech company to pair up with the fashion world to debut cutting-edge wearable tech. Over a decade ago, Google paraded its ill-fated Google Glass at New York Fashion Week 2012. And Apple, in 2014, more than six months before its launch, tried to position its Apple Watch more as jewelry than a fitness tracker. Anyone remember the $17,000 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition?

It’s possible that the Ai Pin could be affordable, but also… the company’s ranks are made up of a lot of ex-Apple engineers and designers — people who are really into premium industrial design — so we wouldn’t be surprised if the price is in the ballpark of a foldable phone.

Humane is being awfully stealthy about how the Ai Pin actually works and what it can really do. All we can do is wait until November 9 to see whether this gadget really can replace smartphones or not.

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