Ignore for a second how goofy the passthrough eyes on the front of

There’s still so much more to the Vision Pro that Apple hasn’t made available for anyone to try. But even with the controlled and limited demos, I’m very optimistic that Apple is onto something here. The hardware will no doubt get better and hopefully cheaper generation over generation. But the platform Apple’s making with visionOS and the eye and hand-tracking (and voice which I didn’t get to try) is what’s really going to make or break the device.

I see tons of potential, and the only hurdles are the $3,500 price tag and two-hour battery life. I know a lot of people are horrified at the price, which is a lot, but it also feels kind of low for something so state of the art. I know that sounds crazy, but when you consider how the Vision Pro goes beyond 2D computing and you add up the equivalent of multiple physical displays, 3D cameras, a theater-sized screen, surround sound speakers, and hand and eye-tracking, it’s not as absurd as it sounds.

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