As always, The Magicians have their hands full in the first trailer for Season 4 as they deal with threats on all fronts. There’s the Library’s fascist regime controlling all of magic, Eliot being possessed by the nameless monster unleashed in the Season 3 finale, and the glaring fact that almost none of them have their memories. And we thought them losing magic for Season 3 was a wild place to start things off.

Syfy released the first trailer for The Magicians Season 4 on Friday, and in it, everyone deals with the fallout of Season 3’s soft reset. After the Magicians completed their quest to restore magic, Alice betrayed her friends as part of a deal with the Library so that the organization would gain control of magic. As the Library started rationing magic, The Magicians began to feel like a cautionary tale of an organizing body regulating and capitalizing control of a resource.

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