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Off-grid camping may not be for the faint of heart, but Jackery’s latest concept makes it a whole lot easier.

Jackery, known for its portable power stations and solar panels, showed off its latest conceptual design that combines a rooftop tent and a retractable solar generator for CES 2024. The Solar Generator for Rooftop Tent may not be an inspiring name, but the hybrid design more than makes up for it.

With Jackery’s rooftop tent, setting up your campsite and finding a reliable power source is as simple as unfurling the setup from the top of your car. Jackery already makes solar generators that you can bring with you on camping trips, but this two-in-one design makes a lot of sense for campers trying to keep things simple.

Never Go Without Power

Once you fold out the solar panels, you can get up to 1,000W of solar power, or up to 4.96 kWh of energy per day, according to Jackery. The company designed the rooftop tent/solar generator to pair with its portable power stations, like the E100 Plus, so you can power a bunch of outdoor appliances, like a Dometic fridge or electric camping stoves.

The solar generator isn’t exactly subtle when fully extended, but you can just retract them back in when not in use so they’re out of the way. We can’t forget that this doubles as a tent, too. Jackery included a memory foam mattress inside, complete with insulation, adjustable lighting, and a waterproof design with blackout windows.

Targeting the Luxury Glamping Crowd

The Solar Generator for Rooftop Tent is still a concept at the moment, but Jackery says we could be seeing these go into production as soon as the end of this year. Being a concept, we have no details on pricing but we know Jackery’s solar generators are not cheap. Just take a look at its Solar Generator 3000 Pro with four solar panels that goes for $4,799.99. Throw a rooftop tent on top of that and we might be close to this hybrid rooftop tent’s starting price.

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