— Don’t Nod

earlier this year. “If I’ve been staring at the computer all day, maybe I need night mode. If I broke my wrist snowboarding, the standard controller mapping doesn’t work for me anymore.”

Don’t Nod added other options to simplify playing Jusant in this latest update, including a feature that turns the game more into a serene experience by turn off the stamina mechanic entirely. In No Stamina Mode, players can keep climbing without fear of the character losing losing their grip. Best of all, players won’t need to cramp their hands by holding down buttons while they figure out the game’s many climbing puzzles.

With stamina turned on, the chill-seeming Jusant can be surprisingly unforgiving. Make just a few mistakes on your climb and you can find yourself without the energy to continue. While non-disabled players may not be physically unable to complete Jusant, elements like managing stamina, lining up tricky jumps, and keeping up your endurance on long climbs can still be barriers.

Don’t Nod also included new options for rappelling and a simplified jump, all meant to offer options making Jusant a little easier on the hands. And the developer added three color blindness options, too.

Even if none of that applies to you, Jusant’s latest update still makes it a better game than before. In my review of Jusant, I pointed to issues where the character’s hand sometimes zooms to grips I wasn’t aiming for or where spots that looked like handholds couldn’t actually be interacted with. The new update has fixes for both of those issues.

I also ran into problems when I was climbing or wall-running with my rope fully extended and, as the review puts it, “your character tends to fling in unexpected directions.” Fixes to animations and interactions between the character and the environment should both help clean that quirk up as well.

The update is full of improvements to animations in general, as well as collision detection, all of which will help to keep the main character from getting stuck in certain parts of the environment. While I didn’t hit any snags with that in my time with the game, the patch should help keep other players’ journeys just as smooth.

Jusant may have been snubbed at the Game Awards this year, but it’s still one of the year’s best. With this latest update, hopefully even more players will be able to climb to its peak.

Jusant is available now for $24.99 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. It’s also included in Xbox Game Pass.

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