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Did we really think we would get through a Geoff Keighley-hosted event without something from Hideo Kojima? The Game Awards 2023 offered plenty of reveals and performances, but one of the biggest moments was the surprise appearance of a new game from Kojima that … isn’t Death Stranding 2?!?! Kojima always aims to surprise and the trailer for his new game OD did just that. Here’s what we know about the new project, including a shocking collaborator.

Instead of Death Stranding 2, Kojima revealed his new project OD, which will be a horror project from the developer in collaboration with the renowned horror film master Jordan Peele, of Nope and Get Out fame.

Though that isn’t all, Kojima says there will be other creators and collaborators on this project but that we will have to wait to hear more about who exactly will be part of this project. Kojima says he calls his team of collaborators “The Avengers.”

Like past Kojima projects, OD will include a long list of actors. OD’s cast includes Sophia Lillis (It), Hunter Schafer (Euphoria), and Udo Kier (Suspiria). The trailer itself showed eerie close-ups of all three actors’ faces reciting the same phrase with a terrified look in your eyes. It ends with Lillis screaming as we hear a door opening.

When asked by Keighley what kind of game Kojima is making, Kojima had this to say:

I really like to always challenge new things, groundbreaking things, and that’s my kind of rule. But this one, with the help of Xbox Game Studios and using their cloud gaming technology, is really to make immersive and also something that no one has ever seen before. That’s what I’m trying to do. It is a game, don’t get me wrong. But at the same time it’s also a movie, but also a new form of media.

We knew Kojima was working on some kind of cloud project with Xbox since last year, but the details have been incredibly sparse and nobody knew what form it would take. With the release of the first trailer, I’m not sure we can say we know any more about what this will actually be, but it sure does seem like another wild idea from Kojima. So sign me up.

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