KYC Policy 

KYC Policy 

 (KYC) policy?

Know Your Customer (KYC)

This KYC methodology applies to all new and existing customer associations and to all things and organizations offered by Sages Group (SG). KYC is an advancing, risk‐based technique to aggregate appropriate information about our customers and their business and cash related activities with the ultimate objective to Facilitate the perfect ID of customer activity that is clashing with setting up realities and information. SG is centered around demoralizing the usage of its things and organizations for illegal purposes. The KYC course of action and supporting techniques are a key fragment in the program to neutralize and distinguish tax avoidance, fear-based oppressor financing, blackmail, and discount misrepresentation; Meet our real and authoritative duties, and Gather satisfactory information to help with choosing appropriate things and organizations to meet our customers’ fiscal needs

 Clients Identity 

While setting up a relationship with our customer we will attest the character of a man or the nearness of a component inside commendable time allocations using palatable ID methods. Exactly when a thing or organization is being developed, the demand will be made to choose in the event that it will be used by or to encourage an outcast. Where required, particulars of the pariah and their relationship with the customer will be obtained going before setting up the relationship.

 Clients Information

We will assemble and record every important datum concerning present and arranged customers including invaluable proprietors, middle people and other contributed people and will develop the reason and proposed nature of each relationship. Where material, we will record the sort, volume and repeat of expected record activity and we will make enquiries into the wellspring of moving toward resources or assets. The level of such measures will be settled on a risk‐ sensitive introduce dependent upon the sort of customer, business relationship, thing and trades.

 SG duty

The duty regarding attesting character and recording, affirming and reviving customer information lives with the organisation of the claim to fame unit where the relationship, products or organization is kept up. In interesting conditions organization may rely upon another social occasion, either inside or outside to the SG, to perform parts of the Know Your Customer technique for their advantage. In these cases the purpose behind such reliance should be accounted for, including those strategies that outfit organization with sensible affirmation that these obligations have been reliably performed. Where reliance is determined to a social affair outside to the SG, approaches should be at risk to formed understandings that unquestionably portray commitments with respect to get-together and checking customer information. The records of the strength unit keeping up the relationship should contain every one of the information required under this game plan.

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