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Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth transports the series from the streets of Japan to the sandy beaches of Hawaii. This tropical vacation ends up launching a lengthy new adventure for Ichiban Kasuga and his pals. The Yakuza series is already well-known for being long, but Infinite Wealth truly sets a new record as one of the most expansive entries yet. You’ll need to make sure to set aside a few days if you really want to see everything through to the end, so here’s how long you can expect to spend with Infinite Wealth’s main story and side content.

How Long Is Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth?

Infinite Wealth easily has one of the longest stories of the Yakuza series, and that’s even before you count the smorgasbord of side content. If you want to get through just the main story and do the absolute bare minimum of side activities, you’re looking at roughly 45-50 hours. Of course, a big chunk of that playtime is made up of cutscenes, so keep that in mind as well.

This puts the main story of Infinite Wealth on par with Yakuza 5, which previously would have been the longest game in the series.

Chapter List For Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Infinite Wealth is split up into fourteen different chapters. About half of these chapters take place in Hawaii, while the others focus on events in Japan. Without spoiling anything, near the midway point of the game, your party splits into two groups, and even more side content is unlocked in Japan. Here’s a list of chapters in Infinite Wealth, which as a fun fact are all named after Elvis Presley songs.

  • Chapter 1: Doin’ the Best I Can
  • Chapter 2: Paradise, Hawaiian Style
  • Chapter 3: The Fool
  • Chapter 4: In the Ghetto
  • Chapter 5: Suspicious Minds
  • Chapter 6: Puppet on a String
  • Chapter 7: Trouble
  • Chapter 8: Return to Sender
  • Chapter 9: Hard Headed Woman
  • Chapter 10: Don’t Be Cruel
  • Chapter 11: Devil in Disguise
  • Chapter 12: For Ol’ Times Sake
  • Chapter 13: Promised Land
  • Finale: If I Can Dream

How Much Side Content Is In Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

As you might expect, side quests and activities make up a large portion of what’s available in Infinite Wealth. In fact, if you do everything in the game you’ll likely spend more time on side activities than the main story.

Two major mini games are practically full games unto themselves: Sujimon Battles and Dondoko Island. Sujimon are capturable enemies that are used like Pokémon, and there’s a lengthy side story that runs parallel to the mini game. As you explore Hawaii you can catch Sujimon, battle rival trainers, complete raids, and eventually take on gyms. The Sujimon questline typically takes about ten hours to complete.

Dondoko Island is similar, but it’s Yakuza’s take on Animal Crossing. The island unlocks in Chapter 6, and at that point, you’re able to complete the whole quest line in one sitting if you choose. The Dondoko quest line also takes roughly ten hours.

After that, there are 52 sub-stories to find in Hawaii, which are little self-contained stories and activities. There are also a host of different mini games to find, like Crazy Deliver, Sicko Snap, Miss Match, arcade games, extra dungeons, and more.

As if all that wasn’t enough, when your party splits in two, you unlock a massive amount of new content in Japan called “Memoirs of the Dragon.” Most of these are small little text snippets, but a handful work as lengthier sub-stories.

In all, if you’re looking to do everything in Infinite Wealth it’ll take at least 100-110 hours. That playtime will likely go up depending on how much you choose to explore, level your characters, and how many mini games you decide to play.

There’s also a “Master Vacation” DLC for $15 that adds on a New Game Plus option and a post-game dungeon called “The Big Swell,” if that wasn’t enough and you’re looking for even more to do.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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